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we have the same taste in everything, so obviously we’re going to like the same boy, too.”“We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it.”But the sisters declined to give more details about their boyfriend, who is also a twin.“We want to be protective of him,” they said.“We became known because of the two of us, not the three of us.”Mr Byrne regularly posts photos on Facebook of himself on dates with his two girlfriends.Reminding us of love affairs past and present, rumored or otherwise, the map respects the six degrees of separation rule with impressive efficiency.Check out the complex map below to see just how tight the hip hop dating circuit is.

“We have one boyfriend and all of us share the same bed …I drive myself crazy thinking about all of this, but I bite my tongue. DEAR DISTRESSED: Keep this idea in mind: Whenever you attempt to coach your daughter away from this man, what she hears is, “You’re so incapable of making good choices that you require my constant worry, omnipotent help, and guidance.” The harder you push her to leave, the more she will try to prove you wrong by staying.If you stop trying to fix her, she may stop trying to fix him. One of his sisters is six months younger than me, and we have always gotten along. She freaks out if any of us don’t drop everything to help her. My fiance and I have helped her countless times, whether it be with her car, or her two sons, who are 1 and 2.She’s best friends with Taylor Swift (inset), dates a tech billionaire and offers a refreshing break from Kardashian crass.Above: Kloss walks in the Victoria's Secret fashion show in December.She sipped Champagne with some of the biggest names in fashion — from models Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls to designer Prabal Gurung — and rocked a semisheer red lace Dolce & Gabbana dress.But the wildest it got was when her grandmother Stella boogied on the dance floor.Bonus points for anyone able to link Lil Wayne to Will Smith in less than ten steps...It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid.Your fiance’s sister might be suffering from postpartum depression, or high stress. This woman has effectively said: “There’s nothing for me here. Her family should urge her to get a medical screening because of her alarming behavior. You don’t need to give in to her manipulations, but you should express your concern about her well-being. DEAR AMY: The letter from “No Win” concerned an elderly couple where the wife announced that she wanted to move to be near her family. I’m leaving and I don’t care what you do.” When a spouse says that, it’s game over.

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