Who was whitney houston currently dating

According to the National Enquirer, the ‘I Will Always Love You’ performer is dating the 32-year-old crooner-turned-actor.

Houston reportedly met the ‘Transformers’ star in February of this year while at a party together.

In short, no evidence was found to suggest her death was anything more than an accident, with no foul play involved.2.

Family tragedy, Part 2: Three years later almost to the week, on Jan.

Fans were already gathering at the Hilton for Clive Davis’s party when Ed Winter, the coroner, took the elevator to the fourth floor.

Saturday marks the five-year anniversary of the shocking death of Whitney Houston, the superstar singer emblazoned on American culture, whose legacy endures in the wake of more shocks since.. Instead, she slipped away after slipping under the water in the tub, the victim of an accidental drowning brought on by heart disease and longtime cocaine abuse, as the Los Angeles coroner found weeks later.

11, 2012, in a hotel bathtub in Beverly Hills, just hours before music stars began to gather at the hotel for the annual Clive Davis pre-Grammy party at which Houston, then mounting a come-back, was expected.

Since their introduction, the two have been “quietly dating,” reports say.

A source reveals that Houston made the first move on Gibson, approaching him at the event then calling him afterwards to set up a date. Hah, well to clear it up, Trust Me, MY MOM WOULD Never. As for Houston, she is still taking steps toward sobriety in an outpatient rehabilitation facility.

Before going, Jones laid out a gown for Whitney to wear that night. M., Jones returned to the room, where Whitney’s bodyguard and brother-in-law, Ray Watson, was on watch in the hall.

Jones entered the suite, and when she walked into the bathroom she found Whitney facedown in a foot of water in the tub.

31, 2015, Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, then 21, was found unresponsive in a bathtub in the Roswell, Ga., townhouse she inherited from her mother.

Bobbi Kristina never regained consciousness to explain what had happened to her.

On this anniversary, what do we know about the aftermath? The autopsy report on her death was grim: Aside from some titillating details (she wore a wig and dentures, had undergone breast augmentation, and had mild emphysema in her lungs from smoking), the key findings had to do with the effects of substance abuse.

Toxicology results showed she was acutely intoxicated with cocaine at the time of her death; traces of the drug were found throughout her body, indicating chronic use.

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