Who is jillian michaels dating 2016


says that no news is good news, because if they were going to cancel the series, they’d have stated their plans by now.Can you imagine how hysterical it would be to watch Jillian Michaels plan a wedding with a planner? That’s right, celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels is getting married in the coming months.Michaels asked Rhoades to marry her in an adorable video that she made for her that symbolized the life they built together, showing her that all the good things in her life were because of her. Heidi made it no mystery that she longed to be Jillian’s wife, and couldn’t fathom why it wasn’t important to Michaels.

The topic of marriage has been a point of contention between Jillian and Heidi for years now.Now that Jillian Michaels is finally engaged to her longtime love, Heidi Rhoades, is she having second thoughts about their relationship?That might be the case as there's a new report that says the reality television star is demanding that her fiancé sign a prenup before they even set a wedding date.After soul searching, Jillian realized that she wanted to marry Heidi and she wasn’t afraid of marriage, but she was terrified of divorce.Michaels finally admitted that she was scared that Heidi would wake up one day and tell her she is sick of being with her and pack up her stuff.News has video of the emotional, tear-jerking proposal (seriously, we dare you not to cry! Jill's proposal started out with a video montage telling the story of their journey together.The old photos and romantic messages instantly brought happy tears to Heidi's eyes.Like I keep seeing all these people on Facebook saying 'Oh no, he's going to give it back to the states.' And I'm like what do you think that means?It means the majority gets to vote on the rights of the minority, which is totally unacceptable and you lose your federal rights.""Mike Pence is the number one anti-gay politician in the country right now.Jillian explained multiple times to Rhoades that marriage didn’t mean the same thing to her, and in some ways, she wasn’t ready to take the plunge and get married.Rhoades persisted and made it no mystery that she hoped Jillian would come to a point where she wanted to get married to make her happy and realized that she wanted it as badly, too.

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