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The album achieved the biggest one-week vinyl sales in over 20 years, broke the record for first-week streaming sales, and sold more than the rest of the Official Album Charts' Top 500 records combined. recently reported that, alongside other key releases, Sheeran's phenomenal album sales had boosted a surge for the UK industry, with total sales up by more than 10 per cent in the first quarter.

Sheeran is headling Glastonbury this year alongside Foo Fighters and Radiohead.

The master rapper tries to balance being a musician, a bachelor looking for love, an entrepreneurial caterer, and a single parent raising four teenagers.

(born August 1, 1963), known professionally as Coolio, is an American rapper, chef, actor, and record producer.

The album was refreshing as it replaced dark and violent lyrics heard on typical rap tracks with a humorous and happy outlook.

He closely followed his debut album with the song 'Gangsta's Paradise' for the film, ‘Dangerous Minds’.

It’s called the Porn Hub Sexual Wellness Center, and its goal is to educate their viewers on a wide array of sexual topics. Laurie Betito, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist.What you read on here is 100% conjecture, fiction, lies, bullshit and complete bollocks.If you want to be taken seriously, you are in the wrong place.we've had a lot of requests on the site recently asking for more information on relationships - and we realize that's a gap here.Only a handful of the posts on the blog deal with relationships, and none of the programs on offer here do.He decided to go solo and released the album, ‘It Takes a Thief’.Its single 'Fantastic Voyage' gave him the much-needed breakthrough.In January he became the first artist in history to debut two tracks at No.1 and No.2 in the charts, with 'Shape of You' and 'Castle on the Hill'.all 16 tracks charted simaltaneously in the top 40 - another record.TMZ has learned the rap legend -- aka Artis Ivey Jr. Anabella says Coolio struck her with his car as he beat his hasty retreat -- in fact, cops say she had tire marks on her leg. Coolio tried convincing cops HE was the victim and that she scratched him in a jealous rage, but they weren't buyin' what he was sellin' ... -- was popped on April Fools' Day after he allegedly pushed Anabella Chatman to the ground and punched her in the face. according to the police report, Coolio then hightailed it out of there with their toddler son and the other woman.

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