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Following are the details of my setup-1) Vonage adapter Model - VDV21-VD2) Vonage MAC ID - 001FE125CB8D3) Modem - Motorola SB5101 Surf Board Cabel Modem4) ISP - You Telecom5) Type of Broad Band Connection - PPo E (TCP/IP Properties- Obtain IP Addr and DNS Server Addr Automatically)6) No Router The following is the sequence of steps - 1) I connected all cables as mentioned in the manual.2) Switched on the modem, Vonage, computer (in that order)3) Went to Web GUI (through v-configure.com) and then to 'Basic Setup'. 5) Gave message 'Retrieving IP Address' , 'Error 003...

Then the field - Enable PPo E keep alive : Enabled, period 30 seconds and pressed 'Apply'.4) The Vonage adapter restarted.

Once again gives the same message and error - 'Retrieving IP Address' , 'Error 003...

Unplug and Restart.9) When I go to the Web GUI and aceess the 'Status' page - it shows the message in RED - WAN IP Address is not assigned. Note - I am able to connect to the internet even while I am connected to the Vonage Adapter. If you're using a cable modem, you would want to connect with DHCP instead of PPPoe.

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This resulted in a 0 million, pre-payable term loan with interest rates at 9.75%.

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Internet Connectivity Monitor checks every 5 seconds, therefore the data is granular.Comparison excludes promotional pricing, taxes and fees.Assumes a customer already has high-speed Internet service. We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee ("MBG") if you terminate your service within 30 days from the date of your order.This looks to me (not a network engineer) like a server problem. Dan Lynch We have Cox internet at home, and we have had some problems with it, although not exactly like yours.Cox seems clueless, the first two tech support guys (maybe the same guy signing different names) could not tell the difference between OFF and slow. Specifically, from time to time (a few times per week), we would lose connectivity, and I would then have to power down the modem and router, then power up the modem, then power up the router.My internet connectivity fails with "random regularity" for periods of about one minute.Both the big computer connected directly to my Trendnet TEW432BRP wireless router by a cat5 cable and a separate laptop connected wirelessly lose the signal at exactly the same time and for the exact same period. This is a table of data collected by Internet Connectivity Monitor over a 24 hour period starting Friday Nov 30 slightly after 8 am local time.Vonage does not refund the price of adapters purchased from retail providers under its Money Back Guarantee. am getting same message constantly and Vonage customer support has been of no help. Unplug and Restart.6) I switched off the modem , then Vonage and then computer (in that order).7) Waited for 10 minutes and again switched on.In 2007, in an apparent restructuring effort to reduce ongoing net losses in the face of double-digit stock price slips and patent infringement issues, Snyder resigned, and Citron returned as Interim CEO.As part of its restructuring effort in 2010, Vonage paid off million of its debt at par, negotiated the release of more than million in cash from vendors and announced a comprehensive refinancing.

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