Visual basic validating odd data input


Column 9 (August/September 1997): Pointers and callbacks.

Column 10 (October/November 1997): Creating bitmaps from arbitrary pixel data.

' ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ' CREDITS: ' We learned of the Mod 10 Algorithm in some Perl code, entitled ' "The Validator," available on Matt's Script Archive, '

Even with these constraints, it is usually still possible to enter values that are incorrectly formatted or invalid for some other reason.

Validation requirements often vary, but typically you want to validate data to prevent incorrect values from being saved.

In this case, bindings are set directly to the appropriate data classes, which have float properties.

On save, the entered values persist only if they can be parsed as floats.

I've used inputbox in my vb.net2008 application to accept quantity for a particular product, I want to give numeric validation for this inputbox.

The characters(a-z) must not be able to entered in this input box, the same that we do on a textbox_keypress event.

Credit Card Validation Solution uses a four step process to ensure credit card numbers are keyed in correctly.

This procedure accurately checks cards from American Express, Australian Bank Card, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Discover/Novus, JCB, Master Card and Visa.

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