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Some of them were very simple and straightforward, with pick-up lines like “May I. Others were definitely more direct, like “Not Married and Out for A Good Time” or “If You Have No Objection, I Will Be Your Protection”.

I'm not going to be communicating with anybody, so honesty doesn't matter. Maybe you'd like me to put a photo of my actual self, so the guys can find me when we meet in the hotel lobby? So, through the door at last, I was able to browse the profiles. It's my gift to you: a glimpse into how a woman might read a dating profile. Even in my single days, I was not looking to date a murderer. Philip, 40, Newcastle Philip has ticked a lot of boxes to tell me that he likes James Bond novels, indie music, football and France.

“I wanted to portray this kind of strange emotional connection we have with the internet in a light-hearted movie,” she says.

In the film, the protagonist messages a girl he likes the look of and waits anxiously for her reply and Victoria humorously documents his emotional turmoil.

Yet, for those who are ready to trade singledom for a lasting, long-term relationship, dating in Victoria can be tricky.

This is especially true for single professionals with long office hours and for those who've recently returned to the dating scene; if you're among them you'll know that it's just not that easy to meet Victoria singles who share your interests and who hold similar life goals to your own.

It’s something that I think every internet user can relate to.” Victoria built the narrative for the film in a fairly ad hoc approach: “I just started animating a random scene in the middle of the movie and went from there. At only one minute long, the pacing is what keeps this film tight and fresh.

Victoria keeps the narrative moving by overlaying boxes of action alongside observations of the character’s mood, tapping into this universal experience with humour.

They had a whole different, and a lot bigger bag of challenges. Imagine you’re a Victorian gentleman who is exchanging looks with that certain young lady at the ball. You’d like to talk to her, but her chaperone won’t allow it. Or should we say, without anyone noticing that you’re flirting.

Escort cards were the pen-and-paper version of Twoo in the Victorian times.

It'll be something to bear in mind if creating your own. I've never seen a more obvious "library picture from Google" in my life. Put no photo if you want (although I think it would severely limit the number of women who'd contact you), but a fake one of a model? But he chooses not to write a proper self-description at the top, saying only, "Ask me more if you want to know! Michael, 39, Dartford Michael's opening words are: "I'm a Libra." I move on. What he actually says is: "I like getting lost in old cities, climbing to the top of the highest tower to get the best view."Suddenly I'm imagining me and Ted exhausted and covered in sweat - and not in a good way.

I've invented names for them - seemed a bit cruel to use their real online handles - and detailed what was attractive and what wasn't. Don't ask, don't get."Bad decision, Philip. There are millions of available men on the internet, glistening out there like delicious bunches of ripe fruit. I might as well move on to someone who's at least left theirs ajar. But he has to find out for himself.)Toby says, "I wish I had a bit more money so I could treat women to five-star dinners and trips to Venice, but for now it might be a round of drinks and a Nando's" - which is charming and likeable. Jonny, 30, London In his photograph, Jonny is wearing an outfit that includes cowboy boots and a headscarf. Ted, 42, Liverpool Ted says, "I like getting lost in old cities." This is a fabulous opener. What's with the schlepping up a million crumbling old stairs?

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