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Software updates synchronization in Configuration Manager uses Microsoft Update to retrieve software updates metadata.The top-level site (central administration site or stand-alone primary site) synchronizes with Microsoft Update on a schedule or when you manually start synchronization from the Configuration Manager console.

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At a high level, the range of available API calls covers virtually all facets of Dailymotion.Requests are transient, so you may need to try several times before you catch it in the act, so to speak.This process give you some idea what client, or what type of requests, are primarily responsible for your load problems.Often you will identify a particular web application that is misbehaving, or a particular client that is attacking your site. Comments placed here should be pointed towards suggestions on improving the documentation or server, and may be removed again by our moderators if they are either implemented or considered invalid/off-topic.Questions on how to manage the Apache HTTP Server should be directed at either our IRC channel, #httpd, on Freenode, or sent to our mailing lists.Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platforms in the world, and as such, we offer video storage and viewing capability to our users.We would like to make it easy for you developers to integrate video creation and delivery across many platforms (desktop, mobile, consoles, set-top boxes and more).Software updates are enabled by default in client settings.However, if you set the Enable software updates on clients client setting to No to disable software updates on a collection or in the default settings, the location for software update points are not sent to associated clients.Unfortunately, more often than not, those prompts can't be controlled by the developers.The API specified in this document is meant to provide the tools so that web applications can improve their user experience when permissions are involved.

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