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It seems that complaint report on the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD has finally paid off.Samsung just announced an upcoming firmware update that will address some of the issues the user community has reported.Be sure that your mobile phone is fully charged and that your laptop or computer is plugged in a UPS.Power failures while updating might cause the bricking of your Omnia. Overview Samsung releases their ROM in different versions.

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My Zune software is up to date and I run Windows XP Professional SP3 (with all latest updates plus automatic updates enabled).There are many small small problems with HD like... ) Hape gw mah biasa aja.samsung s60 g selengkap nokia s60.Anyway, if you are tired of waiting for Samsung to also release a piece of firmware for your country, you can flash your I8910 Omnia HD with the Italian ROM and update it afterwards to the latest version using Samsung's PC Studio.I tried it and was successful in replacing my existing firmware with the lastest Italian firmware version, but, beware, you might not be able to update your phone after installing the first firmware.So I finally upgraded my Omnia to the latest Asian ROM—after much hair pulling.My problem started because I first upgraded my Omnia to a custom ROM.Anyways, in this post, I’ll try to make a definitive guide to upgrading your Omnia without you doing a lot of Googling.WARNING: Updating your Firmware may cause damage to your Omnia if not done properly.This is what happened to me when I tried to update firmware .I used the Samsung Studio PC updater and, after it detected the version firmware installed and displayed the new one available, it would not begin to load it.

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