Updating listbox from code behind

Text in the List Box the other is to delete the selected items of the List Box.Hi Well as you said I have set for each item selected = "false" and still the above code works for me .I am trying to achieve this with the following code. It works fine but show result after sending email to all the user.protected void btn Send Newsletter_Click(object sender, Event Args e) I would appreciate if someone can point me to a more correct approach & show i can update the count while from code behind while sending email.The above refresh method caused the list to reevaluate the bindings/converter outputs.

NET frameworks to see if I can replicate my old issue :), Thanks for the heads up, I will remove from my answer so it does not cause confusion. You can use the (Client side) Timer that's on the same tab as the Update Panel. I remember having troubles with that about 3 years ago and that was the only answer I found to fix it, I have stuck to that method ever since. Players is an Observable Collection of Player that implements INotify Property Changed.But when I add or remove items for the Observeable Collection the listbox does not reflect the Items added / removed.Everything works fine, except in order to see a results, I have to close it, and reopen again. My form looks like this : I've searched tens of articles on how to refresh , but all of those use interface implementing, or using Data Sets, and stuff I have never heard of and cannot implement. Just create a sample page with one listbox control in it and then try the logic of removing items as mentioned above .If it works then you can be sure that problem lies somewhere else .Public Class Session Implements INotify Property Changed Public Event Property Changed As Property Changed Event Handler _ Implements INotify Property Changed.Property Changed Private Sub Notify Property Changed(By Val info As String) Raise Event Property Changed(Me, New Property Changed Event Args(info)) End Sub Private _name As String = "No name" ''' If you have an Observable List of objects, and you're changing properties inside those objects, the notification doesn't apply since the collection is not changing directly.

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