Updating gtk


For info, these are NOT system wide problems, and only seem to affect FF.

You'll find instructions for how to do this at the end of the article.As of version 1.9.4, gretl requires Windows XP or higher and a processor that supports the SSE2 instruction set.SSE2 support is found in all modern processors; it is absent in AMD CPUs prior to the Athlon 64, and in Intel CPUs prior to the Pentium 4.I've been using GNOME 3.20 in Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 for a few hours and I didn't encounter any major issues however, there might be things I didn't notice.Furthermore, bugs can be introduced with future updates, especially since the PPA packages are not as widely tested as the packages available in the official Ubuntu repositories.[1] import gtk from time import sleep def response(widget, response_id): if response_id ! RESPONSE_APPLY: gtk.main_quit() else: i=0 n=1000 progress = dialog.get_data("progress") progress.set_text("Calculating....") progress.grab_add() while i This way the GUI does not freeze and you cannot interact with widgets, if you like you can unlock one widget (e.g.you want to give the chance to block the long process) using gtk.grab_add() on that widget.Therefore nothing will happen in the application windows.The trick here is to realize where your operation can take a while to return, or where it is dynamically changing the window contents, and add a code fragment like this wherever you want an update forced out: This tells gtk to process any window events that have been left pending.There is no easy alternative to solve this problem, as far as I can see.Doug Quale remarks on how this applies even to idle_add()ed functions: Note that running a mainiteration inside an idle, io (input_add) or timeout handler is generally considered `a bad idea' because it doesn't work very well. Moreover if during the computation you want to lock the GUI (no operation can be performed) without making all the widget insensitive you can use the other secret technique called "Yeti"...

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