Updating bios using asus ez flash 2 effectivness of dating services


Note: this post is a bit long and windy, but there's an hilarious tech support reply in the end... Using Asus (ugly-as-sin) Windows based flash utility, I upgraded to the latest non-beta BIOS. That would be the safest, surest working option, right? I thought something must have gone wrong with the flashing, but some googling learned me the BIOS on the CD must have been too old for my processor, and instead of running the processor at a low speed, Asus decided it was best to just shut down to prevent damage.Unfortunately that resulted in a problem with my CPU fan, so I wanted to use the same utility to get me back to my original BIOS version. So instead I decided to try to see if the fan-problem was fixed in the available beta BIOS. Leaving me with a dead computer that would not boot, let alone let me update to a proper BIOS again.

maybe write the exact steps i need to do in order to update bios? Download these files to an empty Fat32 formatted USB stick. I have the clock problems with the z97-A and will flash the bios.When I get into Asus EZ Flash 2 it can't find the USB stick that the BIOS update is on (F: ).EZ Flash 2 only sees A: B: and C: drives and that is it. Only update Bios for a good reason ie: more functionality or corrupted bios. Before you start , go to ASUS support and download latest Bios file. Whilst your there, get the Bios renamer tool from Bios Utilities.CAP extension.(check it has done its job) Insert USB and enter advanced mode of Bios. Press TAB to switch the drive field, using up and down arrow keys to find the latest Bios you downloaded. So in EZ flash menu there's the option to set some kind of default settings that will take effect after reboot? iced After you flash your bios your system is at default settings. Is it necessary to flash the BIOS with the latest update, or should I wait until/if a problem arises? I googled a bit more after posting here and found that the 4690K processor I have coming in will be supported by the BIOS on the z97-A board with no flash necessary. I called Asus support about this, and while they were cheerful and courteous, they didn't really answer any of my questions. Note that the drive letters may not be the same here as in Windows. If you don't see the BIOS file in the right pane, check the other drives. I suppose the most direct and easiest way is just to update from the Internet. hoping someone sees this soon process of updating mine now. Asus Update is for 32-bit only, AFUDOS doesn't appear to work on my Windows 7 64-bit system (I think it's supposed to run in DOS or something - but that just sounds confusing since I know nothing about DOS). Remember to use a flash drive that is formatted FAT/FAT32 and also rename the file to a short file name such as 1804. ROM file from the file the BIOS downloads from, EZ-Flash does not support ZIP files. (At least for some older BIOS versions.) You must have a FAT/FAT32 (not ex FAT) filesystem.Highly recommend backing up the current BIOS by hitting the B key, name it something like 0210. Tom, In AI Suite II, click on the update button, then ASUS update. It will ask you how you want to update the bios, and you can select "from the Internet", download the BIOS or whatever.

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