Updating album info try updating the folder list


Most of us like to listen to various kinds of music from different kinds of albums.

Normally we do have a large collection of music on our hard drive.

If you're unsure what album art is, then it's basically the images of album covers that you see while playing your digital music.

You may have seen these images on your portable player (if it's video-capable) and in software media players such as Windows Media Player.

It will be easy to find a particular file from the collection if we know the name of the album and the track.

But not all the tracks and albums have updated album information.

Search for the album you want to add the album art to, and right-click it.

In the context menu, you will see the ‘Paste Album Art’ option. Adding ID3 tags is much easier in Windows 8 & 10 than it is in Windows 7 but it’s still do-able.

Next, open Windows Media Player and go to the Albums tab.

In the left pane, if the library section isn't already expanded, then click on the small triangle next to it to view the contents.

Now, click on the Album category to see a list of albums in your library.

If you use Windows Media Player or the Music app (Windows 8 & 10), here’s how you can add album art to a music file and update its ID3 information without needing any extra apps.

The first thing you want to do is find album art for your music and for the sake of keeping things organized, you might want to save it all to the same folder.

Music Brainz Picard works in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

It will clean as many of your music tracks as you like for free.

Using Windows Media player you can easily update the album information of any unknown albums or tracks present in your collection.

Below is the process by which you can update album info easily 1) First update all the music files and albums in Windows Media player library from your computer.

2) Go to the media library screen, in this screen you can see all the music files in a chronological order.

3) Now scroll down till you find songs titled unknown, or albums with unknown information.

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