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The conversion to the much-improved GRUB 2 is relatively easy.

Importantly, the upgrade offers a process to ensure GRUB 2 will work on your machine before the user commits to a full conversion. Normally the user should accept any existing entries and TAB to "OK". Refer to the If the user receives an "Unrecognized device string Error 11" message on rebooting see the Resolving an "Unrecognized Device String" (Error 11) section for instructions on how to edit the menu and make the system bootable.

I have a 16.04 server that is updating the /boot/grub/file, but not the /boot/grub/file when I upgrade kernels and consequently, at boot it is using the old information in I think some of this might also been the result of a full /boot partition that went unnoticed for a few days when grub installs were happening. If they did, they are updating the old config menu.lst, but your boot sector is starting up grub2 and looking at for it's list.

GRUB 2 is the default boot loader and manager for Ubuntu since version 9.10 (Karmic Koala).

Note however that the developers made a decision to not use an automatic update to GRUB 2 as the default on upgrade installs.

Hello All, I've just endured a few hours of trying to get the new kernel - 2.6.24-19-generic - into Make boot parameters permanent on live session itself? missing file instead have on ubuntu 16.04 EDIT- same error while using 'grub customizer'- EDIT - Creating boot summary info through boot-repair:- EDIT- BOOT INFO:- link post a Boot Info summary if you expect to get help.Without that, the best anybody can do is take a wild guess at a solution.Nfc Toggle Wifi, System Does Not Allow The Change Can Tasker Help Setting Up A Workaround To This Bug?[mongodb-user] 26compat Release Series Of Mongo DB C Driver Reached End-of-life No.1 D7 Smartwatch.That said, there's a chance that the answer to the question I referred to above may be helpful.You might also consider posting on the Ubuntu forums; that venue is better for extensive back-and-forth interactions; this site works better for solving straightforward problems that don't require answering an extensive set of follow-up questions from those trying to help.Just updated another machine to 5.3, everything fine, but wasn'tupdated to the 128 kernel. It got a new modified date and the kernel isthere, but the content wasn't changed. I switched from Windows operating system about a year ago when I bought a new computer (I ...I have quite a mess in the permissions from some folders and files in my root folder (I have it in spanish: "Equipo") from an Ubuntu 16.04. I imported my client's ovpn file and when I connect (with the defaults) I can access resources behind their firewall, their DNS servers take ...

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