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Unfortunately, I missed Universidad Central de Venezuela who was the first to ask us for an interview, but I did catch a few other delegates to get their insights about NMUN.

For readers who are new to NMUN, read this circuit comparison article first.

NMUN’s best qualities are the session at the UN headquarters, diversity, programming, and organization.

Miruna, Ziad, and Olivier were all excited about the last committee session being held at the United Nations headquarters — it’s definitely a treat for any Model UN delegate!

Other schools with award winners include: Carondelet, Acalanes, Marin Academy, Dougherty Valley, Liberty, Northgate, Livermore Valley Charter, Antioch, and Las Lomas.

(6/12/2012) Could Spatial Heterogeneity in Human Vocal Fold Elastic Properties Improve the Quality of Phonation? Klemuck, Ph D - Recent interview with Malvern Instruments - Check it out (click here) .(see bio here) Roger Chan Ph D, In voice research, in vitro tensile stretch experiments of vocal fold tissues are commonly employed to determine the tissue biomechanical properties.

I got to speak with three delegates from a variety of MUN experiences who attended NMUN for the first time to get their fresh perspective on the conference and asked questions that allowed them to compare this conference with their previous conference experiences.

The interviewees were: Here were my takeaways from their fresh perspectives of the conference: 1.

Campolindo High School won the Best Delegation award.

The Athenian School, San Ramon Valley, De La Salle, and Deer Valley Law Academy also put in strong performances.

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