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Spike tries to run the old “Would you tell your girlfriend her new dress looks horrible? Along with adoration from his fans, Innes inspires a venomous reaction — for talking about himself too much, for not being a Philly guy, for not understanding our teams, for not being funny, for actually being, well, sort of an asshole. “I don’t take calls from people who want to tell me I’m great,” he says. I embrace the hate.” Some of the ill will comes from his competition at The Fanatic, the only other sports station in town — particularly Anthony Gargano and Mike Missanelli, who both used to work at WIP. (More on that later.) At his own shop, Innes allegedly drove a former co-host into early retirement and routinely mocks his station manager. They’re also discussing the Twitter soliloquy Innes delivered the night before: 68 tweets over nearly an hour on his favorite subject — himself — for no reason he could articulate.

At The Fanatic, Missanelli has managed to beat three different WIP shows. Not since Howard Stern has there been such an unpredictable, love-him-or-hate-him voice on the radio in this city. Earlier in the afternoon, Innes co-hosted the first hour of his show with an African-American listener from West Philly named Quaz, who was “auditioning” for a role on the show. “Is that still a thing the brothers do, the Cupid Shuffle? Jilly, a spunky blond radio vet who’s now on WIP’s sister music station, 96.5 AMP, is unsurprised by anything her boyfriend does anymore.

Now Missanelli is in a ratings dogfight, and both sides are playing dirty. Within minutes, Quaz and Innes were standing up, bouncing back and forth to a hip-hop track. You at a black wedding, you doing the Cupid Shuffle? “Everybody can do that.” “I’m fat,” Innes said, still bobbing to the music. On today’s show, Innes’s producer delivered dramatic readings from his Twitter rant while Innes squirmed. There are ppl who say “oh, this guy doesn’t talk sports”.

“I’m already tired.” “One question,” Quaz asked regarding his potential as a WIP employee. …blah blah blah PM: What those ppl don’t realize is that all I care about is radio. for the record “Save Ferris” t-shirt that’s become, like seemingly everything in his life, material for his show.

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She loves Tucson’s fabulous weather, and her favorite secret spot is anywhere on top of Mt. Anthony “Tony” Bruno has been SAAF’s Grants Coordinator since 2015.Against La Marcus Aldridge had just been a factor in general sort have to keep an eye on him for the next couple days to the injury happened during this game. That's got to liking Iguodala nobody can really pin you could hit that one I kept kind of going back through my notes and Tuesday to stride as it did did you see right you know anything that it happened and I couldn't quite pinpoint. Or anything like that look like Ian Clark also might it weekday any colors that at some point coming down right right right right. ALN at which I thought was interesting as well as saying that yet he's got a score that was what what's Aldridge get a public escort for a is what Popovich said it may not be timid or turn down shots. He's been and Patty Mills is a guy that the spurs are counted on for more proud of with Tony Parker out along a quiet Leonard and have a let Patty Mills get going you know been bad the first two games and I think it.And it La Marcus Aldridge in the locker room had said that he's got a you know he took the wrong approach based on the way to the warriors chose to defend him so regardless of whether Leonard's inner out. The reason he's been bad it's been because of the way that warriors in and a lot of times the way clay Thompson. Cents a while under one out in the third quarter on Sunday afternoon and.For staff didn't come back from the second half this Matt Barnes want to get in the start. And they'll be back at practice on Thursday and then they'll head to San Antonio following the practice. In this game you they were gonna come out they want to miss as many shots early in the game and it worked and have me turn over the Gregg Popovich. Game three of the series tomorrow let's just you know take a red eye and go play it San Antonio and get after it.On Thursday that practice their Friday game will be on Saturday so Pachulia has been a factor in this series. You'll he echoed that but he also said he's not sure that his team believed they could compete. And that they played that way other than Jonathan 76 at the civic decision is own data Gary yes and in the rest of the spurs were in another very bad category cannot call that La Marcus Aldridge is don't wait call now. But I also think the defense is a big part of this thing is well I mean he's been a guy that they've used them Patty Mills. I don't know much it'll carry over game two to game three on back to their place.Now got Saudi signing on not sites like seven games. But what he continues to do on the defense side and maybe just maybe.To get started, download the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play app marketplaces, then sign in with your RUN login information.Cost: Contact ADP or complete this form for a price quote.It looks like Jessica Caban has proved it through some social media posts and comments. Very circled back to give it to the front court but doubt now that. For us mentally Wii is no we need to do to be successful against. Quiet back in there probably a Saturday got to understand exactly that things that we did better tonight as has been allowed more alert defensively to start and dismay and work. When you look at what the warriors did tonight in you look at Klay Thompson obviously we know offensively not great.

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