Taurus female dating sagittarius male


Taurus woman is easily attracted by the adventurous, zealous and outgoing nature of her Sagittarius man.The compatibility is not fair on the love chart because of the flirtatious nature of Sagittarius man and the want of security on the part of Taurus woman.

The only problem that requires attention is that of traveling, because your Sagittarius really loves it, (s)he likes going out, doing sport, while the immobile Taurus prefers a good meal and a movie on TV.

Somehow these two opposite signs get attracted initially.

His flirts bring him near to the security-conscious Taurus female.

They can be very sexually strong in the bedroom, but beyond that is a different story.

When it comes to emotional security and stability, it is the Taurus woman that is best known for such personality.

• Michelle Pfeiffer and John Malkovich • Barbara Streisand and Don Johnson • Valeria Bertinelli and Steven Spielberg Both the Taurus woman and the Sagittarius man are not much interested in romance and passion.

Sagittarius would be much satisfied with a friendly gesture by the Taurus woman.

In fact, everything that she does has been designed to keep herself safe, loved and definitely at peace.

The Sagittarius man is also a different fellow that lives for adventure, adrenaline, and risk in which he is always on the go.

Are Taureans and Sagittarians Suitable For Each Other? And (s)he will regard your caution as a sign of pessimism...

You have to work hard to stay by a Sagittarius' side, and especially to make such a Jupiter native stay by your side! You'll find out that Sagittarius is full of energy and optimism.

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