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This allows you to date your guitar with considerable accuracy; you can assume that lower numbers will have been produced in the morning and higher numbers will have been made in the afternoon.Each Takamine body is defined by the construction, materials and specifications which achieve a particular tonal result.It does have a paper label in the sound hole much like a dollar bill that designates it as an f340.I got the guitar in the early 70s an I am wondering why it only has 4 numbers in its serial number.Our friends at Operation Song received a well-deserved spotlight via NBCs Sunday Today Show with Willie Geist.The Nashville based organization empowers veterans and active duty military to tell their stories through the process of songwriting.Browse the list below to locate the series that suits your playing style, then make a selection to view the available models. Refined and contemporary 90 Series instruments feature solid tops and special three-piece back construction for stunning looks and distinctive sound.View Now A stylish group of acoustic/ electric instruments.

In a room full of acoustics, this little pony would be the one you would likely pick up first.

Singer, songwriter, entertainer and philanthropist Toby Keith will host the "14th Annual Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic" June 2-3 at Belmar Golf Club and Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma - and it's all to benefit the kids.

The Takamine LTD-2017 Magome is a testament to the artful craftsmanship of this region—the very same region in which Takamine guitars are lovingly crafted to this day.

The EF407 comes with the highly acclaimed CT4B II preamp system with three-band EQ, volume control and built-in tuner.

Takamine guitars are made at the foot of the Takamine mountain in Sakashita in Japan; the company has been producing guitars for over 40 years.

However, in looking at the "logic" behind the serial numbers, I find that mine is a bit strange. he says that its a toby keith model and that he paid a 1000.00 for it.

could you email me to let me know if it is a toby keith and what model it is. I have Model F360 and SN is 47.7.6 Have had this guitar since new still plays great and is in good shape.

The serial number can be used to date the guitar on all Takamine guitars other than the G series, which do not have a simple rule that can be used to date them. You can run the serial number through the Takamine dating engine on Guitar Dating (see “Resources”), but it isn’t necessary because the date is easy to extrapolate from the serial number. “01” in these spots would be indicative of a guitar made in January, and “12” would mean the guitar was made in December. This is literally the day out of the month that your guitar was made on.

The clear structure of the Takamine serial number system makes it easy to work out the exact day your guitar was made on.

A guitar with a serial number starting “050108” would have been made on the eighth of January 2005.

Note the final two digits for the maximum amount of precision.

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