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Republicans who control both legislative chambers managed to push ahead with bills that would revamp Iowa’s workers’ compensation system, force local governments to enforce federal immigration laws and create new election verification requirements for voters that minority Democrats called punitive and nonsense.“From what I can tell right now, we’re still on track with a lot of our priorities to continue moving them forward,” said Senate President Jack Whitver, R-Ankeny.“We came into this session with a big, bold agenda to do major reforms and that’s tough.It takes a long time, but we’re looking at doing reforms that will impact this state in a positive way for decades to come,” he said. We’re going to take our time and do it right.”Democrats, already in the minority in the House but now in the Senate this year, too, have had little sway over that GOP agenda.“There’s been so much nonsense coming at us this week,” said Senate Democratic Leader Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids. In fact, they’re taking us in the wrong direction.”House Democratic Leader Mark Smith of Marshalltown said Republicans who hold majorities of 59-41 in the House and 29-20-1 in the Senate were making “very egregious” changes to Iowa’s long-standing system of protecting injured workers, election law changes to suppress voting and bills that are “an all-out assault” on ordinary Iowans.“Republicans have always run on the idea of local control. I beg you, vote ‘no’ and let’s stop this right now.”Her plea and another from Rep. a death sentence” did not stop the committee from approving the plan on 14-9 party-line vote.“This is a slap in the face to me and my family and my colleagues,” said Ourth, a heavy equipment operator. Gary Carlson, R-Muscatine, conceded the bill was not perfect.“I do sincerely think we need to reset where we are,” he said.In the Senate Local Government Committee, Republicans approved an immigration bill 7-4 that would sanction state funding to cities and counties that didn’t enforce federal laws in detaining people in this country illegally. Matt Mc Coy, D-Des Moines, who told GOP the amendments were needed so “you don’t pass something out of here that’s embarrassingly unconstitutional.”The third time wasn’t the charm for an idea championed by Gov.Terry Branstad to eliminate licensing requirements for a wide number of professions, from social workers to mental health counselors. Bobby Kaufmann, R-Wilton, dramatically tore up the bill, declaring it dead earlier in the week.All census data is geospatial, yet traditional methods of accessing census data require text-based selections and sorting through many pages of tabular data.Census Viewer conquers those challenges and sets a new standard for ease of use in demographic analysis.

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The tournament will be hosted at Humble Foot Golf Course from 1-3pm.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily make them good coaches, it just means that they connect well with players, that they undeniably have pretty good people skills.

History buffs yearning to experience places that highlight the country's rich traditions, landmarks, and defining events will head for America's oldest cities, significant war monuments, and important buildings for a sense of the past.

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The idea behind Census Viewer’s innovative solution is to use a familiar online mapping environment, in combination with Moonshadow’s cutting-edge database technology, to provide an intuitive platform for accessing and analyzing the data.

It only takes minutes – not hours or days – to get up to speed.

Detailed and sortable counts and percentages are calculated and displayed in the side panel and shown on the map in a blazing-fast geospatial environment.

The selection and visualization speed is unprecedented!

Participants will enjoy free food and beverage while mingling with fellow fans and Houston Dynamo and Dash Players.

From what I know about the Ryan brothers through former players that have had them as position coaches, coordinators, or head coaches, they love playing for these guys!

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