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Social ease in strange situations, critical thinking, and strong skills in oral and written expression are cultivated by anthropological training." For undergraduates, the department offers five tracks within the major—anthropology for the health professions, culture and heritage management, environmental anthropology, gender and culture, and medical anthropology—for students with specialized interests in these areas. Current faculty interests include cultural evolution, cultural politics, environmental anthropology, European archaeology, feminist anthropology and sexuality studies, medical anthropology, paleoanthropology, science and technology studies, and Asian studies.

The Department of Anthropology also offers numerous courses that undergraduate students in all majors may use to fulfill General Education Program requirements. For more detail, visit the Department of Anthropology Faculty web page.

I am a volunteer with the Eastern Iowa Alzheimer’s Association and Mount Mercy Scholarshare Business Campaign.

I am a Graduate of the Broomfield, Colorado Leadership Program and a Graduate of the ABA National Commercial Lending School / Southern Methodist University.

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With 4 hours to sip on a variety of craft beers poured directly from the brewers, enjoy your favorites while discovering new and seasonal brews. Please consider helping us reach our goal of ,000. I have enjoyed 10 years with Guaranty Bank, Vice President/ Commercial Lending, 7 years as Vice President, Commercial Lender with Heritage Bank in Broomfield/ Lafayette, Colorado and 7 years as Branch Manager for Citizens Saving Bank, Tipton.

Volunteering is my way to give back to the community in which I live.

Various Metro North Rotary projects have been important to me, such as, serving the Thanksgiving meal and reading books at the Boys and Girls Club, Metro North High School – Clothing Drive, Lager ‘Lympics float, and “Clean Up” along Highway 100. My parents instilled in me the values of honesty, respect, and hard work.

The field provides insight into biological and sociocultural evolution and examines how economic, social, and political processes, symbolic systems, and social structures interact to shape human experience. In addition to offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the Department of Anthropology administers the University's Museum Studies Program, which offers an undergraduate certificate.

S.)Undergraduate minor: anthropology Graduate degrees: M. Anthropology provides a framework for understanding the relation of human beings to their natural environment and to the social and cultural worlds they create and inhabit. after fulfilling program requirements at the end of their second year. Students work closely with faculty and staff from the Office of the State Archaeologist.

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in anthropology Faculty: Website: Anthropology is the comparative study of peoples and cultures past and present.

Fieldwork-based, comparative studies of past and present cultures yield information on regularities and differences, and special insight into the diversity of human creativity and cultural change. The Department of Anthropology offers a number of courses that students may use to satisfy requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Program.

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