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The app's 14 different customization options let users act as their own selfie plastic surgeon.Once a quick scan of your face is calibrated through real-time video, customization options for eyes, nose, jaw, lip and face are then available.PS: Definition of “Caking”1) The act of flirting excessively.2) To talk for long hours on the phone with your honey, lover Have a nice day! Remember the hours and hours we used to spend on the phone with our dearest friends? To be honest, I like to show off my mojo because I think it puts me into a younger and hipper class than my chronological years suggest.And, as everyone who knows me will gleefully accept, my childhood nickname “Chatty Patty” is well-deserved.

In just two minutes of playing around on the app, I had a slimmer, contoured face In the on-going heated discussions surrounding Photoshop and image retouching, this beauty app raises the question: are we taking photo editing too far?The new app's plastic surgery-like features are certainly controversial when it comes to our society's standard of beauty.Therese Kiara received a special greeting from Watson via Facetime after the Filipina student’s mum bumped into the actress on the street.Reilly: “Look at page 2, the second question.”Vu Phong: “It’s kind of fuzzy.Beauty Mirror is the latest beauty app to launch and it's taking Photoshop to the next level.Speaking about the encounter on Facebook, Kiara said the Harry Potter actress was ‘kind and sweet’.‘I was studying for my Bio exam when my Mom called to show Emma Watson standing behind her, then she politely asked Emma if she can say hi to me on the cam,’ she wrote on Facebook. ’, leading Kiara to share the most understandable reaction to chatting to the star: ‘OH GOOD LORD, I CAN NOT BREATHE.’ Chatting later to ABS-CBN News, Kiara said she hoped her experience would ‘motivate more people to study hard.’ It would seem Watson has developed a knack for sharing valuable advice on life’s important issues.That staple of teenage angst – hours on the telephone with a best friend – has vanished.The grandchildren – and their friends – seem to be totally terrified of being “on the phone.” You don’t go over to a best friend’s house, or meet up at the playground, or hang out on the corner. I find that kind of weird talking to a grainy, distorted image, but the kids don’t. (“Normal,” his favorite adjective, describes everything he accepts into his world including food and people as well as technology.)I listened to Reilly one afternoon as he did his homework with his friend Vu Phong via Face Time.It's a lot of fun.- Give and earn diamonds Safe & Secure-------------------- Private, discreet conversations- Your real identity is hidden- Zero tolerance for abusive, bullying, and other offensive behaviors Thanking for supporting CAKE! Please share with friends, and review us on App Store. I would have given it 5 stars; however, since the updated app, private calls are not working.

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