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Using real people to tell real stories raised the credibility bar and opened up a whole new dimension to the idea of “love stories.” While these statistics and stories did a great job selling Selective Search, we wanted to go even further to eradicate any doubts surrounding credibility.

We worked closely with Selective Search’s marketing department to gather all mentions of press through newspaper articles, magazine features, blog posts and TV appearances made by founder Barbie Adler and her staff for the past few years.

"I think people are getting so confused by all the options that they are looking for someone to help them."While no data tracks the growth of the human matchmaking trade, Paul Oyer, a Stanford University business school professor, said he wouldn't be surprised if it is on the upswing.

The executive matching services I am considering are Something More (which is local), Selective Search, and Kelleher International. I don't know how they could possibly screen out men who just want to get laid. These services are usually expensive, and I've heard they don't always give results.

Not too keen on the last one -- just from what I have read/seen, then tend to work with extremely wealthy/famous clientele, and that sort of turns me off to them. But if you can afford to take a chance, try one and see.

Some of these professional cupids say they are seeing renewed and expanded interest in their services as disillusioned digital daters trade computer algorithms for human judgment.

Yet online dating, which has ballooned into a .1 billion industry used by almost 40 percent of dating singles, hasn't killed one of the most old-fashioned professions of all: matchmakers.

In other words, I say check it out but make sure you connect with the matchmaker.

The Internet has upended innumerable traditional business models. A matchmaking school is reporting growing enrollment.

While Selective Search had an impressive 87% success rate for those in the affluent dating category, its old website didn’t clearly articulate the company’s core values, process, prestige and capabilities.

The firm’s management team turned to Usman Group to develop a new website that appealed to this highly successful, sophisticated audience, and also looked to us to create an effective online lead generation program.

We look forward to seeing you on [website] frequently.

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