Sagittarius dating libra man

I just started dating a Libra guy, and all that springs to mind is "Still waters run deep"! I NEVER expected him to open up like he has to show me who he really is). This has GOT to be one of the BEST MATCHES IN THE ZODIAC I'm a Sag with a Libra man in my sights. Full of excitement, natural compatibility, great sexual union, and the talking. I literally FEEL the passion between us when we are together its insane! he's willing to do crazy stuff with me and at the same time he has that natural self control and calm aura going on. It sucks though cause Im getting addicted to him and he's leaving the country for like... I really don't know how to tell him that the best way to keep me is to keep me guessing, laughing and being teased and then loved.

We've known of each other for several years flirting, and I have his full attention at every meeting. Maybe I am being b*tchy, I know he is a great guy but he is too nice...

The Sagittarius woman has the strongest personality of these two, on the face of it – she is a restless individual with a strong desire for freedom. He will simply ask his Sagittarius woman to stay by his side rather than forcing her to – and she will suddenly discover that maybe putting down some roots isn’t such a bad idea after all.

She is also a flexible, mutable sign, however, and she’s actually quite happy to allow her cardinal Libra man to call the shots – with one condition. For the Libra man and Sagittarius woman, compatibility turns out to be worth compromises on both sides.

In this way, Libra compatibility with Sagittarius ticks a variety of boxes – freeing Sagittarius from the responsibility of decision making, and helping Libra to step out of his or her self imposed “just so and so’s partner” box.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is filled with exuberant energy and has to be on the go all the time.

Aries is far too stroppy for Libra’s liking, and Leo demands attention Libra would rather spend on him or herself. Although a firm commitment is vital for Libra compatibility, with Sagittarius Libra has it sussed.

I might end up marrying him for he proposes me on an average twice a day.

They are Great Guys, we have not had sex, so cant comment on it, maybe that will be the thing that make me go for him. I must admit, this man has completely swept me off my feet. (the oral sex could and will improve), but he "THE BEST I EVER HAD" (like Drake) I love him. I'm a sag woman and people call me a tomboy cause I always try to hide from love and cause I'm athletic and don't like to hang out with most of the girls.

It’s not an overt, in your face thing, and if you didn’t know the couple well you wouldn’t realise that Libra was in charge – but behind the scenes, through gentle persuasion and diplomatic nuances, Libra definitely calls the shots here.

Sagittarius, for all its brashness and fiery energy, is a mutable sign, and is happy to fit in with Libra’s plans.

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If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. Because of my current status, the match was not made. sooo all you sag ladies out there, Libra men are a wonderful and fulfilling choice. I have never felt so much love and affection, which I crave. He is sweet and kind and loving all the sunshine & raspberries..

We Sag ladies really NEED a guy that can make us literally stop in our tracks to keep us interested, right? He's romantic, sexy, considerate, easy going, wonderful/easy to talk to, and his 'way of being' in general has me thinking about him all day! Will it be in my future to be in such an exciting union after such a longtime of disappointment? We've been together for 3 1/2 years, broke up and now we're back together and better than ever. Im a Sag woman dating a Libra man and he totally has my heart. :( I'm a Sagi girl and I love Libra boys even though they are kinda clingy, they even it out cuz they are so entertaining and charming and have a good sense of fun. but he is too clingy for me, when we are talking, it is romance, love, future plans, romance, love .. don't get me wrong, I do love romance, but dude, will you ever chill, tease, play with me.

Sagittarius people in general, whether they men or women, know what to say to the right people at the right time at the right place.

As you probably already know, how you say something is just as important as what you have to say. This is why they pretty much don’t have a problem with any type of social setting.

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