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Ever since her little stealing episode a few years back she’s stayed out of the spotlight taking small roles as they came along. It’s like I said a could days ago regarding Kristen Stewart and the unwashed/can’t get over Robert Pattinson stories. So far I haven’t heard anything I haven’t heard before and she’s right on about the Johnny Depp part. She still thinks G’s a skank for stealing her part and is calling Depp a predictable douche by leaving Vanessa Paradis for 20-something blond, Amber Heard.

Gayheart was born in Hazard, Kentucky, and raised in Pine Top, Kentucky, the daughter of Floneva (née Slone), who worked as a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant, and Curtis Gayheart, a miner and coal-truck driver.

October 2004 - Present Rebecca Gayheart married actor Eric Dane in 2004, and they made headlines when a racy video of them in a hot tub with former Miss Teen USA contestant Kari Ann Peniche hit the Internet.

They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Billie Beatrice, in March 2010.

She moved to New York City at the age of 15, where she completed her education at New York's Professional Children's School and the Lee Strasberg Institute.

In her first film role, Gayheart appeared in Brett Ratner's New York University short film Whatever Happened to Mason Reese? She also appeared in the Ratner-directed music video Nuttin' But Love performed by Heavy D and the Boyz.

in Budapest, with just a few hours to go on this chilly October evening before the movie wraps at 6 a.m.

Even after eight months of seven-day weeks, during which he often has worked 16 or 17 hours straight, director Brett Ratner bubbles with enthusiasm as he sits hunched before three monitors in a cavelike set at the Origo Studios, where a body double for Dwayne Johnson is chained to a wall, from which he soon will break free. Several crewmembers pause to say their goodbyes, and Ratner himself will leave imminently for London. PHOTOS: The Redemption of Brett Ratner: Photos of the ' Hercules' Helmer Despite an easygoing manner, the 44-year-old director has his share of neuroses.

"People mistake the fact that I'm fun for somebody who's not serious," he says.

"But I'm the opposite of what people think I am." That became clear Sept.

In 2008, Eric told Flaunt magazine of their courtship: 'It's probably one of the least interesting stories in the world. " "Yeah, sure." Ten months later, we were married.''Rebecca and I have always gotten along really well. I’m the last guy that should be giving people advice on love, that’s for sure.

Host with the most: The 44-year-old actress is a co-host of the annual event that raises funds for charity Changing Lives Through Jobs which helps homeless and poverty-stricken Americans find employment Posting a picture of Rebecca and himself as they drove along, the Grey's Anatomy star said: 'En route to the @chrysalisla #butterflyball... #savinglivesthroughjobs.' Giving back: The night recognizes those in the entertainment industrious who have used their star power for good, who included Queen Latifah For the ceremony, the 46-year-old wore a simple black dress but added a chic white silk jacket making for an understated stylish ensemble Posing up with her husband, the stylist did not show a hint of tiredness despite spending all day hosting her own event Super Saturday Los Angeles, which raises money for ovarian cancer research and awareness.

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