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We will include various screenshots throughout the article – you may want to open In Design and try out some of the tasks while reading.

Setting up a new document in In Design is similar to setting up a new document in almost any other application.

It can be used to produce print products from scratch, but is actually designed to import your already created graphics from other software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

As well as multipage documents, it can also be used to create one-page documents, such as flyers and posters, however it isn’t used much for this purpose as both Photoshop and Illustrator are capable of this without having to export and import your graphics.

• Maintain Quark XPress formatting when updating linked tables from Excel.

• Copy and paste items while retaining Layer information. • Easily join, extend and close paths created with the Pen tool.

Quark has been busy in the past two years since the last major update to its flagship layout program for print, digital publications and e Book work.

• Import pictures and hyperlinks from Microsoft Word documents.This version is also ready to run on the forthcoming OS X Mavericks when Apple releases it.What experienced users will notice first is the heavily redesigned user interface.Upon opening In Design, you will be welcomed with a splash screen, asking if you want to open a recent item, create a new document or visit some of the In Design community pages.Under the Create New heading, we have four options: ““.have a button beside the page list that would open the master page of the currently selected page for editing.Again, technically the same as opening in the document outline, except that the user doesn't have to find out which master page is used for the current page.There’s a new grey colour scheme and the on-screen palettes have been updated and reorganised.Palettes can now be grouped and docked to the right or left edge of the screen, with the option of automatic hiding when not in use.Avox: I don't follow your opacity explanation there.Christoph: Perhaps it is clearer if you download the PDF file that's attached to the original posting.

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