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Derek "Cajun" comes from a small town on the East Coast of Canada (In the Acadian region). Cajun is best known for his non-routine based approach and making use of his background in acting.

Cajun was lured to Toronto because he wanted to pursue a career in the film industry.It is going to be the quintessential body language home study course and ...You can add me by going to facebook.com/cajunthelegend. So if you’ve ever wanted to talk to me, or ask me a question, this would probably be the easiest way.Also, they are still willing to be approached by a confident, funny guy. It doesn’t matter what you say, what counts is that you look like a social guy. Do the best friends test and continue with other routines. Ask the barman or the bouncer something (for example: “Why is the club is so empty? It’s important that girls/ guys see you talking to people. Don’t order drinks and hold the bottle in front of your chest (it’s what everybody does and you’re not everybody). As you are there early, girls will come up to the bar and order drinks. When they finally want to move along, join them or say “Hey, you seem like really cool guys, can I join you until my friends show up? As you open, make a habit to touch the person on the shoulder lightly. I think Neil Strauss, author of The Game, puts said it best: People don’t really care about what you’re doing in a club, they are too busy worrying what other people are thinking about THEM. If they are close to you, touch her lightly on the shoulder saying “Hey, what perfume is that? They must be here any minute…” If they say no, keep your smile and don’t worry: They are not your last set. The other day I was talking to Nick Savoy about the art of teaching guys how to get women.Not about the basics, the stuff we’ve covered a million times.While there he realized that not all women were as open talking to strangers as they were in the East.At a club one night, he met some top Love Systems instructors through a mutual friend and got moved at how easily they could attract women.I also just uploaded a bunch of videos So, this is very last minute but there is a conference call this Wednesday night, June 2nd at 9pm EST and 6 PST.It’s Savoy and I taking questions about body language.

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