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And who better to settle your confusion over the "sinfulness" of interracial dating and marriage - than Man of God Perry Noble.Perry is the master at tackling very difficult topics from the pulpit.Lucretia and I have been married for over 11 years, we’ve been together (dating & marriage) for well over 15…and as I reflect back and look to the future there are five things that I really do believe a successful marriage HAS to have…(AND…BTW…these need to be evident BEFORE marriage!!!No one but Perry could have delved into those difficult, perplexing problems.So now, let's let Perry Noble settle the matter of interracial marriage in 2013.Join my gay boyfriend, comedien Ross Martineau and I on the couch with a cocktail as we dish about sex and relationships. We're the dating coaches at X & Y Communications and spend a good bit of our time helping people just like you sort out their online profiles so that they can meet someone great. And be sure to get in on our action-packed newsletter at Who actually says they’re in a relationship anymore?

Stephanie Rische is one of those people: honest, hilarious, and wise. Sarah Arthur, author of If you’ve ever been brave enough to outright ask God for the desire of your heart only to be met with what feels like stony silence, this book is for you.

For instance, Noble helped the New Springers figure out that if they don't like his church music, they "officially suck as human beings".

He also was able to explain the link between homosexuality and non-tithing Christians, and also was able to label his church members that are not sufficiently committed to his church, as "spiritual whores".

Yes, the first sermon in Perry Noble's new sermon series "You Asked for It" - a sermon series whose sermon topics were chosen by the church members - will be devoted to a question that apparently is still bugging the Christians at New Spring Church: Who woulda thunk it - in 2013 the issue of interracial marriage is still up for debate in the minds of some Christians?

I guess if you can be convinced that the Bible says you are required to give 10% of your income to the mega church down the street to "rebuke the devourer" and keep your car running longer and avoid sickness - then the question of whether interracial marriage is "wrong" might be something you are still confused about.

Here’s a sneak peek into what the book is about: Stephanie was starting to feel invisible. This is the vulnerable (and often mortifying) true story of a girl who tried really hard to find someone to fall in love with—even when she mostly just ended up falling flat on her face.

All around her, her friends were getting married, and she found herself decidedly alone. So she started praying in earnest for God to bring the right man into her life. But amid the cringe-worthy setups and awkward encounters, Stephanie found God’s grace and love meeting her there in ways she never could have imagined—once she opened her eyes to see., Stephanie’s funny, tender, and insightful words take the reader on a journey that points to God’s faithfulness and kindness at every stop along the road.

Two people who make it their goal to out serve one another never wind up in divorce court…and…if you are dating and the other person is always trying to get something from you but never wants to do anything for you…RUN!!!

If we want to be more like Jesus we have got to be more parient (see II Peter 3:9!

This is the story of my misadventures in dating, but more than that, it’s the story of how I was knocked over by God’s grace and love.

It’s the story of how I found God in the middle of my waiting.

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