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Also the Update button seems to have to do something with "Outlook Social Connector" - see the other screenshot I added?Outlook Social Connector is normal - I have it on my contacts as well.However, occasionally not all your contacts are updated with the format change.In these cases, you must change the format for each contact.

This reduces network traffic and improves performance.

The contacts displayed in your Outlook Contacts folder make up the contents of the Outlook Address Book.

You can also create and name other Contacts folders, and in each of these folders you can change the name format.

It appears that AT&T / Yahoo based email addresses might have occasional issues with TLS 1.0.

So, if you use any email address ending with @sbcglobal.net, @att.net, @and the like, try using TLS 1.2 in Expert account properties - which might behave more stable than TLS 1.0 with these addresses.

You can see the list of attributes that will be put into the GAL using When Outlook users are running in cached mode, they rely on the Offline Address Book (OAB) to provide them with access to one or more addresses (that are always available when they are connected directly to Exchange) The OAB is rebuilt and downloaded on a default schedule as shown below.

Because of this, a new user may not be visible in the address book, or changes to a user’s name, address, etc.

These screenshots are from Outlook 2013, but the process works identically in 2010 or 2007. Choose "Update All", wait a moment, and you're done. I can manually update each contact with the nice "Update" button and it automatically synchs the contact with AD, but I can't do that for all contact with a simple buttonclick? Switch to your contacts view, then go to the "Send/Receive" tab.

From there, right-click any selected contact and choose "Add to Contacts".

This document seeks to address and clarify the small misunderstanding surrounding the GAL (Global Address List) and the OAB (Offline Address Book).

Quite often all Administrators, even Exchange Administrators simply refer to the users they see in the Address section of Outlook casually as the GAL for ease of reference, but really more often than not, you are looking at the OAB.

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