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My list of outdoor activities provides you with ideas for fun and adventure outdoors, whether you are on your own, with friends or family.Outdoor activities are ways in which people spend time outdoors being physically active, creative, relaxing, having fun or being social.There are also lots of awesome ideas for getting active outdoors, including outdoor activities to do on the weekend with friends or outdoor activities for couples.To help you choose which outdoor activities and things you might like to do outdoors, I have rated them under five categories: If you are seeking outdoor activities and ideas for team development, you’ll find my section on outdoor team building activities a quick and easy way to deliver the character building training you need.There are many activities for autistic adults of all skill levels.Educational and recreational activities that can enhance a person with autism's life quality are available in many communities.If you are a teenager looking for things to do outside, this outdoor activity list shows you the amazing things that you can do outdoors all over the world.

Meet these singles and other people interested in fashion and outdoor activities.

When visiting the District, you should know you're entering a city where locals love to hike, walk and play outside.

If you want to eat healthy, explore nature or tap into the city's local fitness bug, you can do it all in Washington, DC.

The Baltimore Museum of Art is home to the internationally renowned Cone Collection, and it holds the largest and most significant collection of Henri Matisse's works in the world.

Outside the BMA's walls lies the lavish Sculpture Garden, featuring two terraced gardens, fountains and 34 sculptures.

Here is the best online list of outdoor sports and fun outdoor activities for adults.

Some are physically active, some are just plain fun.

From family-friendly historical sites and the bustling Inner Harbor, to museums and monuments, Baltimore has a plethora of unique things to see and experience that are not only fun for everyone - they're also free!

When you're planning your next visit, be sure to reference these free things to do in Baltimore for inspiration.

The park also hosts Jazz in the Garden on Friday evenings in summertime.

Spend just per vehicle, or per person if you go on bike or by foot, to explore nature in Great Falls Park, about a 30-minute drive from DC.

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