Online dating software and community script

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You will not have to buy a video chat separately which is about 0 a month.

Launch your search engine Optimized (SEO) dating site (online dating site).

It includes inbuilt GIFT SHOP as well to hook your members plus generate additional revenue streams for you.

Create a niche, matrimonial, romantic, flirting community easily: built-in payment systems, special designs, easy-to-use interface – everything helps you to succeed in your dating business.

Our dating script allows you creating a special dating site that matches your niche community.

Online dating software includes gift shop shopping cart system to buy gifts.

Support for CAPTCHA IMAGE VERIFICATION on Sign up form, Forgot Password Form, Contact us form and so on for reducing SPAM POSTING.

For example, a network of business partners based in California might be interested in meeting one another face-to-face, or perhaps one of your customers in Chicago might like to find a local developer who can meet with them in their offices.

If you are running your online community on the Chameleon Software Platform, you now have the ability to integrate geographic information into your community so that your members may search, browse, and connect with one another based on their location as well as their expertise.

Moreover, you will not have to buy a Flash Server hosting, which is about 0-0 a month.

p H7CMS is a Professional, Free and Open Source PHP Social Dating Software primarily designed for Web Developers and Webmasters.

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