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Also, his ideal type is Nicki Minaj and she’s a beautiful, curvy woman.2.Vernon - He’s said that he doesn’t look at looks.3. Wonwoo - Wonwoo’s a sweetheart and I feel he might prefer a curvy woman tbh. Jeonghan - He’s said before that his ideal type is someone petite/small.As has been the case so many times this season, Toronto's rookies seized control of the game and amassed a whopping 11 points in the victory.No youngster shined brighter than William Nylander, who registered his first career NHL hat trick, sending Tuukka Rask to the showers after the third goal.Most Likely Taeyong Johnny Jaehyun Yuta Doyoung Taeil Donghyuck Win Win Mark Least Likely Taeyong/Johnny/Jaehyun definitely seem like the type to want a S/O who knows what they want & the necessary steps they need to take to do so.INFJ’s are very soft spoken but strong-willed, fighting for what they believe in no matter the circumstance. So, with that in mind, I’m going to answer this how I honestly think the boys would react.

They’re amazing and I don’t think they’re fuckboys at all. But let’s be real and recognize that most people take appearance into consideration.

Montreal does a lot of things differently than the rest of the country, not to mention our neighbours to the South.

Yes, we speak two languages, yes, the idea of a good time often involves drinking king cans of beer in an alleyway, and yes, dating here is just different than everywhere else. In the fall, lots of people *magically* find a partner.

He doesn’t really care about looks in my opinion.5. Mingyu - I mean he can cook and he loves to eat so I feel like he needs a girl similar to him in that regard.8. Seungkwan - I don’t think he’d necessarily mind, but I think he’d have a more traditional view, at least at first. I also got that vibe from him TBH.((Requested by anon.

Jun - I just know this greaseball likes curvy girls and I totally think he’s an assman. Dino - I just know deep down that he likes curvy women or at the very least he’s a butt guy. I think he’d date someone curvy, but it’s not the type he’d look at initially in terms of dating.10. This might rub some people the wrong way but this is just in my opinion.

I think these 3 would really admire that trait and think your ulterior motive of doing good is really endearing~Yuta/Doyoung/Taeil would most often agree with your views on things and the balance you strive for.

They’d joke around with you about being so decisive and dominate at times, but ultimately think that it’s cute with how passionate you can get.

The chosen place will preferably feature A) low chances of running into people you know, and B) an easy way out for emergency runaways. We smile and nod a lot and save all the true stuff for later when we mock you to our close friends.

Be prepared to date in at least two different languages.

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