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But persons with sensitive breathing ailments probably would feel the effects if they lived close to it, said Bob Elliott, executive director of the Southwest Clean Air Agency in Vancouver.

"We are very fortunate, in terms of the impact on human health, that Mount St. Not smog, but vog Italy's Mount Etna can produce 100 times more sulfur dioxide than Mount St.

Unusual facts • Swindle and forgers • Strange habits • Myths and legends • World explorers • Strange inventions • Eccentric people • Evil people Tragedies and catastrophies • Terrorist attacks • Natural disasters • Disasters and tragedies • War and genocide • Diseases and virus's • Nuclear and chemical • Archaeology • Cryptozoology • Devil and demons • Disappearances • Ghost stories • Bad luck and coincidences • Curse and malediction • Prophecies and predictions • Dreams and premonitions • Parallel sciences • Ufology and UFO's - Mount Pelée is infamous for its eruption in 1902 and the destruction that resulted, the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th Century.

The eruption caused about 26,000 to 36,000 casualties and destroyed Saint-Pierre, at that time the largest city in Martinque along with the island's governor.

For the historic centre, get off at Piazza Borsellino (2). Get your bearings Sitting at the foot of Mount Etna on Sicily's east coast, Catania is the island's second-largest city after Palermo.

Its historic centre, where you'll find the main sights, is compact and easily explored on foot.

Sicily, or Sicilia in Italian, is the largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea.

It's mainly known as the cradle of the Italian mafia, but just thinking of Sicily as 'mafia-island' would almost be considered a cultural cruelty.

What makes the island different from the rest of Italy is its multicultural society, having been ruled by Asians, Africans and Europeans.In early April, excursionists noted the appearance of sulfurous vapors emitting from fumaroles near the mountaintop.This was not regarded as important, as fumaroles had been appearing and disappearing in the past.1902 Eruption Before the tragic 1902 eruption, as early as the summer of 1900, signs of increased fumarole activity was present in the Etang Sec crater near the summit (Scarth, page 30).Relatively minor phreatic (steam) eruptions that occurred in 17 were evidence that the volcano was active and potentially dangerous.In addition to sulfur dioxide, volcanoes also release smaller amounts of other noxious gases, including hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen chloride.They also release carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that's primarily blamed for global warming. Helens produces between 500 and 1,000 tons a day of carbon dioxide, Gerlach estimates.Mount Pelée (French: Montagne Pelée, "Bald Mountain") is an active volcano on the northern tip of the French overseas department of Martinique in the Caribbean.It is a stratovolcano, its volcanic cone composed of layers of volcanic ash and hardened lava.It departs every 20 minutes between 5.30am-12.10am for the central train station (1).It takes half an hour for a fare of €1 and stops at various points en route.

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