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Basically, we just copied what the fellows from Buffer are doing. By the way - it just happened to be Stockholm, because it was in our preferred time slots. So we contacted all the people from Stockholm Startup Weekend and friends who had already been to Stockholm.

Our goals were not “SMART” but easy - as a baseline we wanted to pivot to a new market entry product and launch a closed, low tech version of it after 5 days in order to get people using it and collect immediate feedback about the idea. Making arrangements with people to meet them and get in touch, asking for events and recalling our ideas.

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At around 22.45 two more Germans arrived in Stockholm and it was god damn beautiful. When we finally found a good place to beer around 1 a.m., we made a short roadmap for the weekend and synched goals and desirable outcomes.

Wonderful parks, wi-fi in busses (take that Germany! After meeting up with Vlad and checked into the hostel room with 7 other random people, we went out for some beer. Early in the morning (at 11 a.m) we went to a nearby coffeeshop, since the hostel’s wifi was pretty shitty.

[Round 1: Cortez] It's the most underrated Underhanded, I oversold cause being overlooked Creates a pen that's over all It's a love/hate relationship with the crowd I know it's wrong but it's just a troll to control the fans So all in all this is a helping hand to bring strength to a cast that I seen would break All along, listen to me Corey Alright basically what I'm saying is you're the weakest link Oh what? 'Til I roll up in this joint like E-Z Widers Going over boards to air you through the tube like deep sea divers Wait a minute Who the fuck y'all thought I was battling? Limp Bizkit But I'll cut it out quick You can't tell jokes, you have to act tough when you spit I dare you to shoot me ​​​​​​​​​ I'll just REBUTTAL THAT SHIT!

] Yo, Caustic exposed he couldn't smash cause he was limp Listen penis shrimp, you shouldn't have dissed Bruce B you bitch But your theme of the needle fits Cause you have such a needle dick when you beat a chick it's considered an intravenous hit His favorite band?

So what does this mean for you if you are in the car-buying market?

How will you know if you are likely to receive financing or not?

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Mind of a serial killer, I've been aiming to put an Arsonal in a trunk, I'm the D. You lie like a politician 'bout your top tier pay It ain't true dough, you talking about the side of your mouth like [?

] Body language, obituaries, you can read it then weep And like I said, I appreciate y'all reaching out But wait 'til round 3, there's some shit we gotta speak about [Round 1: Charron] Hat's off to my last opponent But I didn't come here to make excuses or rap some bullshit See when I deal with the smack, I stood there insulted When you deal with the Smack, the footage gets vaulted URL knows you're a bird, they don't upload your battles They vault your footage like the Discovery Channel You rap 'bout pushing work in, heard you scheming crazy I'll rap 'bout it too even if the people hate me Putting ops on payroll, even the police will pay me I got cops dropping keys/ki's off in my room like Steven Avery But that ain't me, I'm reserved, polite and ain't good in fights I keep it a 100, like Cortez's booking price But wait... Your battles are fucking torture The day you're top tier is when you jump the border in a shirt that says "proud Trump supporter" Yo, your girl's pussy was lose, she had to start to give dome That girl gargled Charron She was choking so hard she pulled out Arsonal's phone Yo, but I didn't want Cortez, I want to body Tay' No Jehovah, but I'll Takeover when I put 'Roc away I've seen the way you do it and it's not the same They gon' feel the pressure on cam'/Cam and see him drop the ball This is how the Bronco's play, I'll break 'em down, you won't want to play I'll have you feeling like Meek Mill on Boxing Day Your slogan is top tier not get paid Who thinks he gets that Lux, Mook and Hollow pay?

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