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Parker had been a fan of the singer songwriter and last year she appeared in his music video for the song "Listen to the Darkside." There may be a dark side to the match as well: Once the news of their relationship broke, posted an email that accuses Parker of home-wrecking.

The email claims that, when Parker and Mars started their romance in June, Mars was still involved with his girlfriend of three years, journalist Lindsey Brown.

The email reads, "It was Brown who helped Mars move through his substance/drug abuse problems he has battled for the last decade." The email then suggests Parker should know better, as she was "dumped late in her pregnancy five years ago" – a reference to her relationship with Billy Crudup.

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"And it keeps flying into the same fucking spot in the window," the actress says on a summer afternoon at her apartment in Brooklyn, planting her feet in the plush rug and gazing out the wall of windows, as though expecting the bird to be out there now, circling her penthouse aerie. She'll be listening to records or something and then—Kind of like Mary-Louise Parker herself.It's a soft holdall shape and is big enough to not just fit your everyday essentials but your non-essentials too.It could even double as a chic overnight bag if you're a savvy packer.Funny, heartbreaking, and profound, they're little character sketches through which the author's personality gradually emerges, like a lost-wax casting.The idea grew out of a piece Parker wrote for a few years ago, her advice about how to be a better man."[I] didn't quite know what those consequences might be. I went through it."Despite public opinion, Crudup and Danes continued to date for three more years, splitting in 2006.Danes went on to date actor Hugh Dancy, whom she married in 2009. "This cow just died on my lawn," she said, out of nowhere. Appropriately, Parker has written a memoir that is unlike any other celebrity memoir.Which led to the subject of the window-smashing bird, and a sad story about the miniature dwarf goats she'd gotten on the advice of John Malkovich, one of which died of a brain tumor last year. Insofar as it is a memoir at all., out this month, is a series of letters to men Parker has encountered during her life.There's a new cougar in the neighborhood: "Weeds" star Mary-Louise Parker has snagged herself a much younger musician.Parker, 45 has been dating Charlie Mars, 35, since June, and when the Emmy-nominated actress was in Los Angeles last week to attend the awards show, the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other, reports.

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