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A: A health care employer must prudently plan for patient care emergencies and meet routine staffing needs without using mandatory overtime by implementing a Nurse Coverage Plan.

A regularly scheduled day-shift nurse is rotated to work the evening shift.

The medical-surgical nurse has the right and responsibility to provide safe patient care within one's physical and mental abilities. Retrieved January 29, 2010 from Power/State/State Legislative Agenda/Mandatory Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.

The New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) enforces this law. Here, “overtime” means work hours over and above the predetermined and regularly scheduled work hours a nurse has agreed to work.A: This law covers registered professional nurses (RN) or licensed practical nurses (LPN) who: However, employers may NOT substitute on-call time for mandatory overtime.We consider on-call time as time spent working for purposes of determining whether a health care employer has required a nurse to work overtime.OVERVIEW: Mandatory overtime is an issue faced by many medical-surgical nurses across the nation.Mandatory overtime is seen by some as a solution to the nursing shortage, cost-cutting layoffs, and redesign of health care organizations. : Too long, too much, and without enough rest between shifts.All hospitals have occasional nursing shortages stemming from unexpected census peaks, unfilled nursing vacancies, personal time off, or leaves of absence.As a short-term solution to this problem, they commonly have staff nurses work overtime.A health care employer may not place an employee on call in a last-minute effort to cover an open shift.Rather, the nurse must be scheduled for “on-call” in accordance with: |top| Q: What steps must health care employers take to avoid using mandatory overtime? A: “Overtime” in this context is different from its usual meaning -- hours worked past forty in a given week.|top| Q: Who is covered under the law for mandatory overtime restrictions?

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