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She had been staying with me for the past few days, as she had packed up her Kuwait apartment and she was getting ready to move to Dubai. I am so glad that I have had the HONOR of working with her and getting to be her friend. I never thought anyone could compare to those 2, but I have found that in Stella.It further recommends that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets up an ad hoc Special Fund to assist in the repatriation of Zimbabwean women still holed up in Kuwait and other Arab countries.The report also suggests that newspapers should stop publishing advertisements for domestic workers in Kuwait.The verdict was based on a number of medical reports and a forensic examination carried out on the complainant, who stressed that the transsexual surgery was decided for “biological reasons”.Judge Yunis al-Kundari said the reasons for his ruling will only be available within one week.“I will continue to fight this battle until I get my rights,” 26-year-old Amal said by phone, breaking into tears.

The lower court, in the first verdict of its kind in conservative Kuwait, agreed in April to a request by Ahmad, a Kuwaiti male, and ordered the government to change officially his sex to female and his name to Amal.Sex ratio: at birth: 1.05 male(s)/female0-14 years: 1.08 male(s)/female15-24 years: 1.22 male(s)/female25-54 years: 1.72 male(s)/female55-64 years: 1.31 male(s)/female65 years and over: 0.89 male(s)/femaletotal population: 0.87 male(s)/female (2016 est.) Definition: This entry includes the number of males for each female in five age groups - at birth, under 15 years, 15-64 years, 65 years and over, and for the total population.Sex ratio at birth has recently emerged as an indicator of certain kinds of sex discrimination in some countries.Ok, back to our previously-scheduled programming: Did I mention that my birthday is April 16th? I'm going to be in Virginia with the family because: and I'm not going to ALLOW my birthday to suck. President Mugabe has since received an official report compiled by a Parliamentary delegation that visited Kuwait last month.Amal later underwent several medical tests in Kuwait, and “they all proved that I was a female, not a male”.The sex-change operation was carried out in Thailand about three years ago and after returning to Kuwait, Amal was subjected to forensic examination, which “showed I was a complete female”.(a) Kuwaiti: the Kuwaiti nationality rests upon a document of Kuwaiti nationality or a certificate proving Kuwaiti nationality issued by the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait.(b) Non-Kuwaiti: his/ her nationality is determined by the name of the State which issued the passport.I'm not just saying all this because it is bonus time, either. I shoulda thrown them a big party, but they're not that kind of folk and I think it probably would have embarrassed them. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for me while you lived in Kuwait. I hope you will have a wonderful adventure/next step of your journey in Dubai. (Have you pervs read down this far and come to the realization that this post has nothing at all to do with Kuwaiti sex? Get that tequila ready for me - I'll be there soon!

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