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A friend of mine showed me a hack for this problem that you online daters might want.It’s simple: just get a thumbnail zoom for your browser so you don’t have to click on the profile.

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And if you’re really indecisive and need a fourth or fifth look, you might wonder if you’ll find a flirty restraining order sitting in your inbox.Which, coincidentally, is when I first tried it back in the late 90s/early 00s.Now, in tech-crazy San Francisco, I’ve been considered weird for not dating online, and […] I’ve had female friends most of my life and currently hang out with a gaggle of them.Two popular add-ons are the Thumbnail Zoom Plus for Firefox and Hover Zoom for Chrome.As you can see in the photo here from OK Cupid, you can get a much more definitive look at her face this way (trust me, she actually has eyes).For the truly stubborn, Stickk gives you the choice of paying real money if you fail.You set the dollar amount, as well as who gets your money.I’m old enough to remember a time when online dating was this new, semi-taboo novelty.It was seen as a bastion for awkward singles who couldn’t find a date in person.Comfort is also our undoing, robbing us of our potential.It’s the difference between Bilbo Baggins staying in the Shire as a Hobbit, and fighting a dragon as THE Hobbit.

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