Fun outdoor dating ideas

“We drove to a nearby area neither of us had explored before and took in the sights with the wind blowing in our hair.

The car was a huge surprise and it was really fun to do some sightseeing in a creative summery way.” 3.

Before you go, do your research to make sure it's something that would actually interest you and your date.

Mr Free Stuff has shared his list of 40 Great Date Ideas—and they're all free! ]Many cities have local art shows or photography exhibitions that are free to visit. Look in your local newspaper or city's website for listings near you. So-called amateur or open-mic nights tend to showcase local talent in either music or comedy performances, depending on the venue.

Rent a Convertible For a Day “A guy I was seeing for a while once picked me up for a date in a convertible he rented for the day,” Anna, a California native tells us.Say you want to spend a little time with your girlfriend or someone you'd like to get to know a little bit better.It's a beautiful day outside, so it'd be great to hit the outdoors, right? Outdoor dates are a lot of fun because you can be active together and focus on having a good time.Lots of towns, cities and college campuses screen outdoor films in parks and on lawns during the warmer months, providing a great way to get out of the Olive Garden-and-local-cineplex rut.Bring a blanket and a bottle of wine and cozy up under the stars. Run through the sprinklers or jump in a fountain (Warning: The latter is illegal in many places. Have an e Bay contest: List similar items and see who can make the most money with their description and sales skills. There are many ways to treat your loved one to a special date without emptying your wallet (or his). Sometimes it's important to remember that being romantic doesn't have to mean spending all your dough. Play people-watching bingo in the busiest place you know. Get dressed up and go on tours of expensive homes for sale in your neighborhood.

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