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The condition can lead to blindness if a person does not receive prompt treatment.

However, because players are checking into locations and can chat with others, parents may want to supervise kids and accompany them as they journey to waypoints, which are hot spots within the game.We thought, ‘How can people who [aren’t in design] figure this out?You think to yourself, ‘I could do this better.'”The realm of product design and engineering has long been a boys’ club.And I’m not even referring to the sexual positions (or places, incidentally) as the most unsettling part: It’s the romantic “ideas” section full of tips that will really make your stomach churn, like this one: Rock Solid While walking with your partner on a weekend getaway, pick up a smooth stone and say that you will keep it as a memento of your trip.Later, take the stone to a jeweler and engrave a special message such as ‘Our love is rock solid’ and give it to your partner. In the strictest sense of interface, the app is a solid piece of layout and programming, with bespoke artwork to boot.But the fact that this app was made as anything more than a Spencer Gifts-style novelty gift shows me how out of touch mobile developers are becoming with core human interaction.“For a boyfriend’s birthday, I bought an expensive sex toy that was well over 100 dollars, and neither he nor I could figure out the controls,” Janet says. We were both engineers, and design and make products for a living.It’s safe to assume that as a Miss Travel member, you’re on-the-go.That’s why we’ve created an app so we can travel with you.Players use a Google account to log in and set up a username.Then, users join one of two rival factions fighting for control of a mysterious energy source.

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