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You will also learn the proper attitude and perspective on this struggle with the GYE Program's 30 Attitude principles.

We can help you find the best filter solutions for your needs, whether it's for your computer or for a mobile device, filtering or reporting, server or client based, white-list or black-list. We will guide you step by step and even hold the password for you.

Sexual assault service providers have highly trained staff that can offer assistance in moments of crisis as well as resources for ongoing support related to sexual violence.

Anonymous's rapid rise from the depths of geekdom to becoming a catalyst and nerve centre for real-life revolutionaries is one that has taken even some of its own members by surprise.

Receive inspiring articles, testimonials, stories, tips and chizuk from the GYE community in your In-Box. Scientific studies have shown that it takes 90 days to change a neural thought pattern that was ingrained in the brain through addictive behaviors.

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Local service providers make it easy for you to access care, and they are knowledgeable about the laws in your area and local resources that can assist you.

The GYE program has helped hundreds of people break free of lust-related behaviors and turn their lives around.

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While some traditional activists have criticised the group for its methods, few would argue that its unique cocktail of anonymous civil society and collective action has proven to be powerful agents of change.

Indeed, Amnesty International, the prominent human rights NGO, chose to focus its 2011 annual report on what it describes as the "critical battle [that is] under way for control of access to information, means of communication and networking technology".

Widney Brown, senior director of international law and policy at Amnesty's international secretariat, told Al Jazeera that Anonymous' outrage over government and corporate pressure against Wiki Leaks underlined the hotly contested power dynamics that surround information.

"The desire to be able to speak freely about what is going on in your life is something that's always there, but what we have with social media is the ability to amplify it," she says."Governments are obviously threatened by the fact that activists have become so effective at using these new technologies and social media," she says.

Join anonymously with people in your situation, with guidance from an experienced moderator.

This world-renowned program has helped millions of people around the world.

Later that day, at the cemetery, “We dug a shallow grave and buried her in her clothes, without washing her or giving her burial rites.” “I only had my tears to console me,” she would later tell anti-slavery activists, according to a written testimony.

“I cried a lot for my daughter and for the situation I was in.

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