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I have long been thinking of presenting the world with a Metaphysical Dictionary—of elucidating Locke's romance.

Bacteriologist, perform your share in elucidating this difficulty.

In the last few decades, the study of human history has been fundamentally changed by our ability to detect the signatures left within our genomes by adaptations, migrations, population size changes, and other processes.

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This results in aggregation of protein, leading to formation of amyloid fibril, and loss of normal protein function.But that is not the question; the problem I have to elucidate!I do not know, sire; but it may elucidate the point if I inform your majesty of a curious statement she made to me.Mass spectrometry has become an increasingly enabling tool for this task, owing to its sensitivity and its ability to characterize the primary structures of endogenous proteins along with any modifications that may be present.At the next stage of analysis, we apply combined proteomic-biochemical approaches to gain insights into the architectures of protein complexes, especially those that are too large or too poorly behaved for traditional X-ray crystallographic diffraction or NMR spectroscopic analyses.This finding has resulted in the protein folding problem rapidly gaining importance as a crucial issue in the progress of medicinal science as well as a pure scientific interest.It is very much possible that elucidation of this problem would pave the way towards treatment of a large number of neurodegenerative and other protein folding diseases.I will describe our efforts to develop and integrate sets of tools that are designed to throw light on the evolution, structure and function of these macromolecular machines.At the very earliest stage of analysis, we define the precise ensembles of macromolecular players that make up the assemblies of interest.The certified thesis is available in the Institute Archives and Special Collections.; Cataloged from student-submitted PDF version of thesis.; Includes bibliographical references (pages 165-173).The myriad events that occur in living cells (replication, organellar assembly, transport, genome organization, transcription etc.) are to a large extent carried out through dynamic associations and assemblies of macromolecules.

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