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I have found no B-Q place that can stand up to them. This is just a hole in the wall type restaurant with great atmosphere. Their people welcome you in with warm friendly smiles :-) I have eaten there a lot over the last 20 years.When we last saw Carrie’s New York life, she was walking in the door to start her new chapter at Interview magazine, a decision that seemed fraught with logistical impossibilities.What the show quickly makes clear is it isn’t concerned with the realistic details of Carrie’s decision; no, it’s far more wrapped up in what the new job means for Carrie as a person, glossing over the mechanics of the switch and instead focusing on how well Carrie fits in at the magazine. My list of great rock (and related genre) songs is now at 8341 songs by 2534 different artists (depending on how you count them).I sort all this out on a spreadsheet so there may be little errors (If an artist isn't listed exactly the same the spreadsheet will think they're different artists, or two different artists with the same name will be counted the same).It’s an exciting, interesting choice in that it takes away all of the certainty of last week’s big events and really gives no indication of what the series might look like a week from now.

No matter the mechanics, the emotional truth of the story remains important—this choice Carrie made is a sure betrayal to her father, and therefore is a big secret that must be kept.

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If you like seafood, order the deep fried halibut, it's excellent. Every entree is made with fresh ingredients nothing processed which is a nice change. So if are ever in the Huntsville - Decatur area & want some really good B-Q then this place is the one for you & your family :-)[Another reviewer adds:] Order anything BBQ... This place has won many BBQ awards...[Nav Mode Adds:] I'd give it 5's across the board. The Bogue's in the listing is the original Bogue's.

They have the best deep fried mushrooms I've ever tasted. The owner is from Colombia and has added his family tradition and recipes to the menu. We had 7 in our party and the bill only came to and some change and no one went home hungry. There is also two more locations in the Birmingham area.

The quality of food (the owner thinks) is the draw for the restaurant. Service is outstanding and the friendly atmosphere is unsurpassed. Excellent ride through backroads of Alabama and Buck's Pocket Park. Ribs were a bit fatty and the menu is very limited. Long time LD riders RTE Just past Lavaca AL north of HWY 10 where it crosses the Tombigbee River.[Big Jim adds:] Nice little catfish house, food is about average atmosphere is quaint.[Note:] This is the original Ezell's, on the Tombigbee river, site of occasional organized RTE events.

On the banks of the Little Tallapoosa River just over the Georgia line in Graham, Alabama, Butler Mill sits on the grounds of a former cotton mill. Many other places with better ribs.[Food and Overall ratings averaged]Great little Catfish house overlooking the river... There used to be a place of the same name in Pelham, but it moved to Trussville and changed it's name to Ezell's Catfish Cabin.

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Great ride from scenic beach highway or the back roads on 98 thru beautiful Baldwin county makes a nice ride. The wife and daughter raved about the peanut butter pie. One on Oxmoor Road in Homewood and one on Hwy 280 in North Shelby county in the Inverness area. It is just north of downtown Guntersville and the airport. Only serves Omaha Prime steaks and farm raised catfish. The rustic restaurant is located about 1 mile north of Buck's Pocket Tri County State Park.

Benedikt's is located on County Hwy 27 on the mountain between Springville and Oneonta. Great food for very little money at all three locations Bruce's is a meat and three buffet style restaurant. There is some beautiful roads to ride in the area around Guntersville Lake. It is located on property shared with a horse riding camp for handicapped children and proceeds help support the camp.

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