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When Andy goes on a three month boat trip and leaves Erin behind, Erin feels neglected and soon starts to bond with Pete.

She soon realizes that she loves Pete and the two begin to date.

I don't want to know -- Erin Foster: I do feel chemistry here from as far away as I'm sitting from you.

[Cheers and applause] At this point, my wife is like do what you got to do. Out there you have no reference point if you're about to go with a good person or a bad person. Erin Foster: This guy is going to pick me up in 20 minutes. She said I just talk to Mick -- a friend who said that she knows the guy you're about to go on a date with and he is the biggest douche bag.

He becomes involved in a long-term but failed relationship with accountant Angela Martin, but later finds a deeper connection with receptionist Erin Hannon.

However, the relationship starts to sour throughout the ninth season and finally ends in "Couples Discount" when Erin gets fed up with Andy's neglect and selfishness.

It is hinted that Erin was brought up in a very religious Christian household, as seen in "Nepotism", when Michael argues with the staff about nepotism and defends it by saying the person God sent to help Earth was his son, Jesus Christ, which Erin claims is a "really tight argument", and another example is in "Dwight K.

Schrute, (Acting) Manager", when she is shocked to learn Gabe is an atheist, and is even more shocked when he states there might be a God, but he doesn't believe it's just some "guy with a long white beard." She is seen repeatedly following Dwight's insane directions.

In "", she said all of her peers were getting their drivers licenses eight years ago which would give her a birth year of approximately 1986.

He often references his education at Cornell University, where he was a part of an a cappella group, which contributed to his love for theatrical singing.

Andy demonstrates a sycophantic attitude toward his superiors as well as severe anger management issues.

She first appears in "Michael Scott Paper Company", and is referred to by her middle name, Erin, to differentiate herself from Kelly Kapoor.

Erin Hannon is the receptionist hired to replace Pam Halpert (after Kevin's brief stint in the job) in "Dream Team".

Both would like to express their feelings, but hold back and maintain a flirty friendship-- much like Jim and Pam did for many seasons.

During the episode "Get the Girl," Andy reveals that he truly loves Erin. However, a new employee, Pete, starts expressing interest in Erin and it seems to be mutual.

Michael: It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas.

Michael: I don’t care if you’re a loser or you practice bestiality.

She is the office receptionist for the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc., a position previously held by Pam Halpert before she quit to go work for the Michael Scott Paper Company. She is an original character, although her closest equivalent in the British version of the series would be Mel the receptionist, who appears briefly in The Office Christmas specials, as Dawn Tinsley's replacement.

Although at times rather intellectually challenged, with her cheerful, silly demeanor, and childlike naïveté, Erin is usually the most consistently nice, optimistic Dunder-Mifflin employee.

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