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She lives with her mother Heather Truscott (Heather Locklear) in Malibu.Heather appears in one episode, "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On," where she briefly dates Miley's father, Robby.And by the way…' Unh-unh, bro."Clarke and Mac Farlane reportedly started dating in 2012 and eventually split up in 2013 as a source told E!News the long-distance relationship just didn't work out. "No, I'm just chilling," she tells the publication.

Vanilla Star (New York based denim brand), Hannah Montana merchandise She has served as an ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying.

This book is a girls’ guide to being young, single, short on cash, and passionate about food. Freeform has handed a fifth-season renewal to Young & Hungry.

Production on new episodes of the San Francisco-set comedy starring Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley and Rex Lee will begin next week for a 2017 premiere.

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She is extremely extroverted, excitable, clumsy, and impulsive.

magazine, Clarke wasn't afraid to get real about the annoyances of dating someone in the public eye."Well, a con is you have strangers giving you love-life advice like, 'I'm a big fan of the show, and I'm not sure what you're doing with that guy,' which I didn't react well to," she explained.

) and we’re able to present you brand new promotional photos of Emily as Gabi and the cast as well as stills from Episode 3 called ‘Young & Kiki‘. Emily Osment shared the super cute pic with Betty White on her Instagram, and while we should be freaking out over Betty White guest starring on Young & Hungry — our eyes are on that DRESS! When we last left the show earlier this summer, Emily‘s Gabi had rekindled her romance with Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) and made up with Sofia (Aimee Carrero) — but we didn’t think it would lead to a wedding THIS SOON?!

Gallery Young & Hungry: Your Complete Guide to a Delicious Life features recipes along with advice about dating, friendships, entertaining, and health. Young & Hungry, which is currently shooting its fifth season, will return in 2017.

In 1998, she was seen in the FTD (Flower Delivery Company) commercial. She played the role as Miranda Aiken in the 1999 film The Secret Life of Girls.

Roman Catholic Playing one of the lead recurring roles as Lilly Truscott/ Lola Luftnagle in the Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011. In 1999 again, she guest appeared in the American sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun for her role as Dahlia in the sixth episode of the 5th season titled “Dick, Who’s Coming to Dinner”.

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