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Freshman – Logan Baker, Taylor Bonnesen, Samantha Bornaman, Trevor Burge, Douglas Bybee, Rachel Casteel, Noah Dayson, Katharine Debortoli, Dillan Findley, Courtney Gibbins, Jenna Greenwood, Steven Greufe, Joseph Griffith, Shanon Haws, Mary Beth Hertzog, Amethyst Hughes, Elizabeth Jerabek, Kelly Jamie, Jessica Kemerling, Ericka King, Summer Kirchhofer, Darci Knowles, Rachel Lauve, Kaitlin Long, Justin Longmeyer, Brittani Lugenbeel, Elizabeth Mansfield, Kaylee Mathiason, Hannah Meyer, Mallory Miller, Tyler Miller, Brandon Norris, Brent Norris, Nicole Patterson, Mysti-Ane Pearce, Mackenzie Powell, Anna Prewitt, Jacob Randle, Adam Reeves, Dylan Ross, Brad Smith, Ryan Spangler, Dominic Taylor, Taylor Thomas, Gregory Troiani, Brandon Uebele, Shelby Walton, Kindred Wesemann, Hannah Widaman, Charlote Williams, Abigail Yoder, Lonnie Yost.Sophomore - 1st year – Curtis Barger, Jordan Coates, Stephanie Cox, Brittney Parton, Clint Richardson, Kirstie Roach, Virginia Schley-Miller. And Robertson went on to publish a tell-all book, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain, and is defs still single. Ferrell agreed to continue their relationship (we’re still not totally sure why), which lasted way longer than we expected. Ferrell and Galavis appeared on the TV show Couples Therapy to give it one last try before finally calling it quits. And following her own unsuccessful stint as the Bachelorette, Schefft is married with two daughters. We’ll start off be saying that we LOVE these two together. The hottie couple often post pics like this one on the ’gram and are both working in entertainment—they’ve been interviewing some preeetty high profile celebs lately! Instead, he asked to continue his relationship with winner Amanda Marsh, and she agreed. The couple actually lasted a decently long time considering there was no proposal. Although she did *technically* tell “winner” Jerry Ferris she wanted to give things a shot, their relationship didn’t really go anywhere after the show. *Insert all the eye roll emojis* Show Season: The Bachelor, Season 19Engaged? Show Season: Bachelor in Paradise, Season 3Engaged? Not only did they get engaged at the finale, but they also got matching “Grace” (Grant Lace, duh) tattoos. The couple split just a couple months after the season aired and Kemp has since covered up his tattoo with a black rose (ouch! And just like literally every other member of Bachelor Nation, they’re both making money off their Bachelor franchise fame via social media and guest appearances. ) and is the co-founder of wine company Fernet Francisco. Instead, he told her he “liked her a lot” (after earlier telling runner-up Clare Crawley that he, “liked f-cking her”). Andrew Firestone proposed to Jen Schefft and it was all v. sweet and romantic, but it srsly lacked any major dramz that we usually look for in a Bachelor finale. Firestone now has two sons with his actress wife Ivana Bozilovic. Jo Jo Fletcher, the Bachelorette that gave us alllll the hair and fashion goals ever, chose former professional football player Jordan Rodgers at the final rose ceremony—even after her chug-wine-from-the-bottle mom called him a playboy. They’re still together, living in Dallas with their dog (well, Jo Jo’s dog), Jackson, and they seem totally in love. Harvard business grad and OG Bachelor Alex Michel had us picking our jaws up off the floor during the first Bachelor finale when he didn’t propose to either finalist. The Bachelor's Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have broken off their engagement.We were really rooting for them, but the show's track record ain't great.

Aaron Buerge & Helene Eksterowicz: 5 Weeks Show Season: The Bachelor, Season 2 Engaged? Buerge is now married with two kids; Eksterowicz is also married. Samantha Steffen turned out to be the villain on season two of Paradise after causing a v.They will perform at the new Smith Cotton High School in Sedalia, MO on Sat. The Education Funding Group Card Program for schools starts in November.The program is a quick and easy campaign that involves the selling of the EFG Preferred Dining Card.It’s been 15 years since the OG Bachelor, Alex Michel, stepped out of the infamous limo to meet the first batch of women vying for his heart.Like many Bachelors and Bachelorettes to come, Michel did not find his wife-to-be on the highly addictive reality show.It is a restaurant/entertainment discount card that sells for and entitles the holder to 15 buy-one-get-one free deals at participating businesses in the Pleasant Hill area.For more information, please contact Jackie Emo, 816-540-3161, ext. Middle School: STUDENT LED CONFERENCES: Monday & Tuesday, October 18 & 19 from -pm Our middle school format, referred to as “student-led conferences” allows students to play an important role in acknowledging their educational responsibilities under the guidance of their advisory teachers.Most importantly, who are they seeing and what are their relationship statuses?We all know the group of former contestants from the reality-TV dating show is an incestuous bunch, and it can be difficult to keep track of who's with whom.*We’re not counting post-show hook-ups among Bachelor Nation members, otherwise this gallery would have a BAJILLION slides The Bachelorette premieres Monday May 22 at EST on City. Brad Womack was the first and only Bachelor to straight up reject BOTH women at the final Rose Ceremony. Womack decided to give the show another try and returned as the Bachelor in season 15, and this time actually proposed to finalist Emily Maynard; they broke up shortly after. Jen Schefft & Nobody: N/A Show Season: The Bachelorette, Season 3 Engaged? Although she did *technically* tell “winner” Jerry Ferris she wanted to give things a shot, their relationship didn’t really go anywhere after the show. Rycroft is also married with three kids and apparently hasn’t spoken a word to Mesnick since the ATFR split! Although emergency physician Travis Lane Stork didn’t put a Neil Lane sparkler on Sarah Stone’s finger, the couple did decide to keep dating after the finale. It’s probably best they didn’t get engaged since—no shocker here—the couple didn’t even make it to the airing of After the Final Rose. The formerly divorced Bachelor didn’t propose to Estella Gardinier.Brad Womack & Nobody: N/A Show Season: The Bachelor, Season 11 Engaged? Travis Lane Stork & Sarah Stone: 1 Week Show Season: The Bachelor, Season 8 Engaged? Travis has since married a pediatrician and co-hosts the daytime talk show The Doctors. Bob Guiney & Estella Gardinier: 1 Month Show and Season: The Bachelor, Season 4 Engaged? Instead, he offered her a promise ring and she accepted. It’s rumoured that Guiney broke up with Gardinier via phone call just one month later (guess that promise ring didn’t promise a whole lot).

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