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Rachael Hopkins' step-mum, Tina, was cared for on North Devon Hospice's Bedded Unit before she sadly passed away 12 months ago.Rachael said: "She was diagnosed with cancer about 18 months before and sadly had quite a rapid decline.In 2000, our group of intrepid fire spinners encountered another group.This other group were all part of the recently sparked Austin Burning Man scene.Those taking part will be helping to raise £100,000 for North Devon Hospice nurses who provide care during the night.Ali Hunt, head of fundraising at the hospice, hopes that local women will rally to the cause.

The event takes place on Saturday, May 20, with routes available across the area ranging from three to 11 miles."We need the ladies of North Devon to step up to the challenge and step out for Nightwalk 2017.We are aiming to raise £100,000, to help our nurses be the light in the dark for families right across the area." The family of Tina Petherbridge are one such family who know how vital the hospice's round-the-clock care is.In filmed performances, visible safety mechanisms can be removed by editing.In live performances the audience can see more clearly if the performer is genuinely doing what they claim or appear to do.In 2013, Arcade Fire released their fourth album, Reflektor, and scored the feature film Her, for which band members William Butler and Owen Pallett were nominated in the Best Original Score category at the 86th Academy Awards.In 2017, the band announced their fifth studio album Everything Now.There is an inherent risk in the performance of all stunt work.The most risk exists when performing stunts in front of a live audience.I have been spinning fire since 1999 and performing publically since 2000.In '99, a small group of Thelemites got together to learn fire spinning after seeing the Tantien Fire Circus perform.

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