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Our Editor, Christina Tait, has always stated that: 'Financial disputes can be a major stumbling block in the divorce process and could take longer than the divorce itself.

This is the business side of divorce and it may be the most important financial event of your life.

You will be listening to people with ASC, understanding their preferences and needs.

You will work alongside people, supporting them in a range of activities, including developing independence in daily living.

But while the former soldier is being cared for by his family, they have claimed he is being shown little care by the UK Government, or the DWP. "I'm sick to death of The DWP and Iain Duncan Smith and his fat cat Tory cronies treating our terminally ill population like fraudsters. A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: "We owe the men and women who have served their country a huge debt of gratitude and will do everything we can to support them.

Ms Howells is now urging people to share her story so people can see just how badly her father, and his family, are being treated. He's in the end stages, he cannot do anything for himself. "So yet again my mum has to fill in another 20 page form so my dad can get the benefits he needs. "It's important that people claiming Employment Support Allowance receive all the support and benefits they are entitled to.

As an organisation we pride ourselves on the delivery of person centred services.

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For those with less obvious conditions, things get even more complicated.

The nine people featured looking for love on air have a range of conditions – from autism and Down's syndrome to learning disabilities or physical impairments – but ultimately, the show's producers say, the three-part series explores the "universal desire to find love".

Episodes begin with Cupid's arrow cutting through the "Un" of "Undateables". Seventy per cent of Britons would not consider having sex with someone who had a physical disability, according to the most recent survey of the nation's opinions on sex.

If you need personal help in selecting a solicitor for your case, give us some details of your problems with details of all solicitors, assets, children, FULL POSTCODE each, length of marriage via the following link. Personal Divorce Solicitor Referral Service International divorce lawyers If you would like us to refer you to an international divorce lawyer, please use the email link below and state your nationalities, residence (town/city/country with full postcode if within the UK) and brief details of your situation including children. Please include all accreditations and services offered.

Current members may also use this link for enquiries. If you need to edit your content, use this link also with all the details or request a call from us: Divorce Aid member request Divorce Aid member request Spotlight section for our members Would you like your firm to appear here?

The show has not even aired yet, but the backlash has begun.

Six people with facial disfigurements or physical or developmental disabilities are plastered across Channel 4's latest advert, which brands them "The Undateables". While critics attack the marketing of the new prime-time reality TV show as "sensationalist", "harmful" and akin to exploitative Victorian "freak shows", Channel 4 argues that the campaign and title of their new series, to be aired next month, is a reflection of society's own prejudices.

"He cannot talk, walk, remember his family, chew food, wash himself. "Which is why on occasion we ask for questionnaires to be completed by the claimant or their next of kin." Official figures reveal that while the number of claimants on unemployment benefits is down by almost 700,000 since 2010, the overall number on sickness benefits fell by just 88,000 during the same period.

Mr Duncan Smith announced last month plans to crackdown on the sick pay culture which costs Britain billions of pounds a year.

Read more Due to continued growth Autism Initiatives wish to recruit Additional Support Workers to work flexible hours as we develop our support services in the Greater Manchester boroughs, primarily around Altrincham and Trafford.

Read more Autism Initiatives is a charity, which has been providing support and education services to people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) since 1972.

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