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Alarm bells began going off in my head even before I noticed the chains dangling from the ceiling beam in the unlit center of the room. While I struggled to regain my balance, he stuffed a pillow between my knees, the wide way, and laid his shoulders and head on it. ” he said, as he held the key out of my mouth’s reach as well. And then suddenly, SUDDENLY, I realize that it might be true; and as soon as I realized that it might be true, I realized that it WAS true. His hands, upon my breasts for the moment, made a subtle shift from encouraging and leading my strokes, to attempting to slow me. “I want to change positions.” But I did not stop. And he now tried to lift me off of him with his grip on my breasts. And he had still not made good on his threat to “Stuff every hole full.” Nor had he made good on his promise of dinner and a movie. Dinner and a movie… Now the chain was running under the mattress, locking my hands off to the sides. From a cabinet, he produced a couple of bizarre objects, narrating his actions.

Using a key, he deadbolts locked the door from the inside. “Relax” he said, and then pulled my crotch onto his face…. “Cuz you know, if you fuck me willingly, then it’s not rape, right? “I mean, if you are on top of me, fucking me, and you’re not tied up or anything, then it can’t be rape, right? I was willing to say anything at that point, just to have my wrists freed. The idea of going to them had not even crossed my mind. But the story would end here, not in some crowded courtroom. With his rapist semen blasting up into me from below, while I kept my duress-induced promise, and gave my rapist the fuck of his life, my fingers running freely over his well-defined pectoral muscles. “I think you need some more of this… He licked the key, and then dropped it in a small vile of white powder. But I slammed down hard onto him while wrenching his arms aside, then pinning them over his head, falling onto him, my big boobs in his face as I continued to fuck. “this is a hair-holder” he said, showing me two lengths of copper pipe, bolted one on top of the other, wing-nuts at the ends to control how tightly they squeezed against each other.

He offers to take me out to dinner and a movie, to celebrate my 19th birthday. I select the Bud Light, and he twists off the cap and hands it to me, opening the Miller Lite for himself. And then he began to strip me, sliding my blouse up my arms, then farther, up the chains. ” “Yeah, it works on chicks, too.” Even if that is true, I wondered what made him think that I had ever indulged. “No.” I argued, from the weak position of a blank memory.

He leans into the fridge, and offers me my choice of a Bud Light or Miller Lite. ” I denied, realizing that I really didn’t know for sure if he was lying.

You wouldn't be the first guy and clearly not the last.

She was the one who stood rooted to one spot for what seemed like forever and you wondered; just wondered about her—what it would be like to know her, to see what she saw; to be with her, date her—didn't you?

The students and the committee decided that the Athena should continue as a movie theater and that the College of Fine Arts should run it.

“Other recommendations included improving marketing, exploring linkages to the academic enterprise, connecting with more students, co-promoting with uptown businesses, looking at new programming that has community appeal and giving the theater a different niche than other local movie houses.” On September 19, 2008 the Athena reopened under the management of the College of Fine Arts and began screening art house as well as international films.

She believes that the present is all we have to shape our lives and the things and people that make us happy. If she were to choose between surviving and living, she would choose the latter and you should never make her choose. Yes, it may seem like an illogical decision to you.

But in her heart, she knows that what she does is for a greater good; a bigger reason.

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