Cena dating john who


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While he was born in Canada, Mahal's With that said, it would be disappointing if WWE spent so much time and effort to make Mahal look like a legitimate threat with the goal of then having him lose to Cena.

As a matter of fact, James said that she was trying to return to the WWE for the last year despite John Cena still being the face of the company. Which brings us to the second episode, which was on Wednesday night. With a show like that, you can spare yourself the boredom and be relatively sure that any moments worth seeing will surface online in the days after it airs.While some fans have speculated about Nikki's connections apparently helping her career, it wasn't until she faced off with Carmella on Smack Down Live last week that such accusations were made in a WWE ring."I guess this is why he and I are soulmates - we have the same type of sense of humour," she said."I was like, 'Oh my gosh, whoa, I can't believe you actually said it!'"Sometimes we do those things and we try to be as PG as possible, but sometimes a little bit of our real personality comes out."Everyone got to see that for a quick second.Nikki Bella has been dating John Cena since back in 2012, which has led to many whispers that her relationship has given her a helping hand in her WWE career.A two-time WWE Divas Champion, her second reign of 301 days is recognised as the longest in the belt's history, beating AJ Lee's previous 295-day record.At Springfield, Cena turned himself into a Division III All-American offensive lineman and team captain.In 2000, the new college graduate left the Bay State despite his father's wishes, seeking a new life in California as a body builder.In the months leading up to Wrestle Mania 31, Rusev was red hot and rode in on a tank for his match with Cena.But after Cena beat Rusev for the United States Championship, the Bulgarian Brute spiraled downward quickly.

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