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"Alicia and her hubby began dating in 1997 and dated for eight years before marrying at Lake Tahoe in 2005.Amy Heckerling, the film's director, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter last year about how she came up with the film's most iconic phrase, "As if!There were rumors about Meyer dating Jennifer Love Hewitt but, in an interview, she said that she is like a little sister to him. There were a lot of rumors about him having a girlfriend, but, he never commented on anything and those rumors were short lived.No affair was said to be the reason for the separation.But he’s definitely the guy you want to hang out and listen to Rush with. Stoned since the third grade, Ridgemont High senior Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) is the classic California surfer dude and main source of frustration for history teacher Mr. Spicoli is often tardy, never has any money due to not having a job, and pretty much only cares about the Rolling Stones and having “some tasty waves and a cool buzz.” However, Spicoli earned our undying love for ordering a pizza for himself in the middle of Mr. ""I am always compiling slang words because I am just interested in how people use language," she told THR.

We happen to think it’s pretty ingenious that he keeps his bongs in the kitchen so he’s closer to the fridge when the munchies hit.Both Meyer and Kaplan did not jump into the next relationship soon after the separation.This indicated that they were not in a relationship with anyone when their marriage was failing.A whopping 22 years after Clueless rocked the world with its bright colors, quotable dialogue and head-bopping soundtrack, Alicia Silverstone, who played the film's central role of Cher Horowitz, booked it to the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles on Sunday to make a surprise cameo at a very special screening of the film.The 40-year-old actress, who was decked out in a baby pink sleeveless top and floral skirt (which would have absolutely been in Cher's repertoire) also treated the crew of fans to a mini reunion with her co-star, Breckin Meyer, who famously played Travis Birkenstock in the movie.It was said that the trail was a smooth one, but, the separation process was not easy for the couple.There were rumors about Meyer being bisexual, but, it was said to be part of a scene from his movie and has nothing to do with his real and he's "Stacey's neighbor's nephew." Do you believe it?Looks like Stacey Dash has a new man to go with her new job -- and he's more than 20 years her junior!We all knew (or were) that one kid back in high school or college who would rather pass a joint than pass class.Hollywood is just as fond of these cannabis-loving classmates, which is why we compiled a list of our favorite after school (or during school) stoners who redefine the meaning of the term “higher education.” Travis Birkenstock (Breckin Meyer) might occasionally say dumb things at school and be the recipient of the most tardies in his class due to his cravings for Egg Mc Muffins, but that doesn’t stop him from immediately catching the eye of new transfer student Tai (Brittany Murphy).

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